Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Little Helper

Taking care of three kids on a daily basis can be a ton of work.  Luckily for me I have Sonya, who even at four years old, displays serious Mommy tendencies and helps me out a ton, even though she's a handful herself some days.  Still, if I run out of diapers or wipes, she knows just where to get them.  She can get Lana out of her booster seat if need be and she knows how to work the DVD player better than I do.  She does take it a little far sometimes and one day I found her trying to send Lana to time out, but other than that I'm thankful for her help.  I do sometimes forget though, she is just four and helping me is the last thing she wants to do.  

Like always, I did my best to clear myself private potty time.  I put the baby down for her nap, Sonya was painting and Lana was watching Mickey.  But once again after about two minutes of bathroom time I was interrupted.   This time by the baby.  Georgia is 11 months old today and has been by far the easiest of my three.  She's has the sweetest most laid back nature and hasn't had many cranky days thus far.  Usually she goes right out when I put her down for a nap, which is why I found it surprising that she was crying.  She tends to move all over her crib and every once in a while she'll get a leg stuck through the bars.  I thought this may have happened, so I called Sonya back to the bathroom so she could check for me.  When I first called her name I got no response.  The second time I finally got an annoyed "WHAT!"  I told her to come back to me because I needed a favor.  The next thing I hear is something I know I've done myself when I get annoyed, but haven't heard from her.

I'm thinking she's not happy.  Then I hear, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP down the hall.  She stops at my bedroom door.  

"Sonya come here"


There she stood arms folded and a scowl on her face.  Apparently she was NOT happy that I had taken her away from her Picasso painting she was working on, and to walk 10 feet down our hallway was just too much for her.  I asked her to please go in and check on her sister to make sure she wasn't stuck anywhere in the crib and to report back to me.  She stomped off and after about 2 minutes Georgia was still crying and Sonya wasn't back.  I was leaving the bathroom at this point so I went to find out for myself what was going on.  I found Sonya back at the table painting and asked her what happened.  She told me Georgia wasn't stuck, just crying.  I went to her room to soothe her at which point both Sonya and Lana thought this meant it was time play in there. 
"OUT!" I told them.  "It's time for G to go to sleep you you guys need to leave."

Sonya left willingly, but Lana continued to play the baby piano.  So I picked her up and realized I was touching bare butt.  She was wearing a dress, so I hadn't realized that she had nothing on the bottom.

"Where is your diaper?"  I asked

"I took off" she told me.  

I walked out to the living room and said something about Lana not having a diaper on and Sonya said, "Oh yeah-I saw that there and was wondering who's diaper that was". 

Thanks Sonya, thanks for all the help.

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Megan said...

haha, lmao, she sounds ALMOST as helpful as a husband!