Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spin Art On Mommy

So this morning I'm in the bathroom doing my daily "business".  The older girls were playing spin art in the kitchen and the baby was down for a nap.  I figured I was golden to have some private time for at least 10 minutes.  No sooner had I thought this when my four year old, Sonya, came marching down the hallway.  She stopped short of the bathroom and I called her name from the toilet closet and she opened the door.  There she stood with a bottle of spin art paint in one hand and the scissors, held very carefully by her side, in the other.  
 "The paint wont come out.  Can you fix it for me.  I thought the top was already cut open, but it won't come out." She told me
   I marked the page of the magazine article I had been trying to read (yes I'm a bathroom reader you should know that up front). I took the scissors and bottle of paint from her and proceeded to cut the tip on the paint, then squeezed, but nothing.  I cut the tip a bit more, still nothing.  Then for some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to just squeeze the bottle as hard as I could.  Near my stomach and leg.  The dried up piece of paint (which was apparently the problem) came out along with about half of the bottle of neon pink paint.  On my stomach and leg.  Luckily my skin wipes off easily.  Sonya was concerned for my well being and asked if I was all right.  When I assured her I was, she grabbed her bottle of paint and scissors turned around and headed out of the bathroom.  I wiped off the paint with some toilet paper, but I still have a faint neon pink stain on my skin.  I suppose when I find a chance to shower today it will come off.  I never did get to finish that article.  Perhaps tomorrow...

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