Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mexican Lucky

I'm sure many of you, if not all, have had the good fortune to hear and get the Daft Punk song, "Get Lucky" stuck in your head.  I feel like everywhere I go I hear it.  The girls have heard it too.  Now, upon first hearing it, you realize-hmmmm THAT'S not really an appropriate song for children to hear and repeat.  But see then again, we forget as adults a couple of things.  First of all kids have no idea what it means to "get lucky".  We only think they shouldn't be hearing this song because WE know what it means.  I'm sure if you ask any five year old what "get lucky" means they would assume it would have something to do with a finding a big bag of candy.  Or perhaps a week stay at Disneyland.  They certainly would have no idea that it has anything to do with sex, especially because they don't even know what sex is.  Well, at least MOST young kids don't know this.  Mine for sure do not.

Secondly, we also forget that kids do not hear the right words for any song.  This has been well documented on this blog.  However, all this did not keep me from becoming a little nervous when I heard Sonya singing this song the other day.  That is until I heard what she was singing.

"We're up to Mexican song, we're up to Mexican song, we're up to Mexican lucky!"

Yup.  Apparently, her version is about Mexicans, and Mexico.  And because she is the oldest her little sisters have followed suit which is why Lana and Georgia were walking around singing it like this yesterday:  


They are so going to laugh at themselves someday when they find out that song is about sex.

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Hollyhome said...

Please tell me what they heard for Moves Like Jagger. I thought it said Move My Dragon and the kids thought it was Love My Jacket! LOL
I must say...I like the Mexican Lucky song way better than the original :)