Thursday, June 2, 2011

Name That Tune Part 2

The girls and I were in the car yesterday listening to the most recent Glee CD that  Melinda made for us. (Thanks Mel!) The song Blackbird, originally sung by one of the greatest bands of all time, The Beatles, is on this particular CD.  It is a song Kurt's character sings in one of the episodes from this past season.  The girls know this song from it's original Beatles version, because hell yeah I'm making them listen to The Beatles.  So when it came on yesterday in the Glee version they already knew the words to sing along.  Well I THOUGHT they knew the words.  

I love that kids sing the wrong words to songs.  It's one of my favorite things they do, because what they think are the right words are usually humorous in the context of the song.  I've talked about this before last year when we went to San Francisco with my in-laws.  Back then it was Sonya who didn't get the words quite right.   While this time all of them were singing something different, I think Georgia's was my favorite interpretation.  

We listened to the song a number of times yesterday, because when they find a song they like they make me play it over and over again.  One of the many reasons I try to listen mostly to music that I want to listen to.  The three of them were singing along to it every time, but I couldn't really tell WHAT they were singing until we got home.  They were all walking in the door still singing the song that was now stuck in their heads.  Then Sonya started laughing because of the words Lana was using for the song.  

"Hahaha!  Lana what are you singing?" she asked.

"Blackbir singing in da desert niiigghht," Lana sang.

"Oh Lana that's so funny!" Sonya told her.  

"What do you think it is Sonya?" I asked.

"Blackbird singing in the dead eye niiiii!" she belted.  I'm not sure what she thought that last word was, but it definitely wasn't night.  

I giggled to myself and told her that wasn't quite it either.  Then we heard Georgia singing to herself.  We asked her to sing her version for all of us.  She smiled shyly for a minute and wouldn't say anything so I had to coax it out of her.  Finally she sang:

"Blackbir sittin on a butta knife!"

This threw all of us into a fit of giggles.  Georgia was so proud of making us all laugh that she continued to belt out her tune for the rest of the night. 

The unfortunate part about this is now, for the rest of my life, every time I hear that beautiful, yet somewhat melancholy song, all I'm going to picture is a bird sitting on a butter knife.


Anonymous said...

I hereby pledge to keep giving you Glee CDs so long as your daughters continue to sing the lyrics to songs incorrectly.

Tim Taylor said...

Might I remind you that your children are not the first in this family to do this - Your Mother actually thought (well into college) that the line was "There's a Bathroom on the right!" instead of Bad Moon Rising. You did something similar, I just don't remember the song right now...

The Screwer Upper said...

Eh hem....Do I need to bring up the famous Van Halen song again?

"PANTY WAR! Panty wah ah oh oh ah ah"

Mmmm Hmmm...clearly it's in their genes.

Sandra said...

haha! I am laughing...and that doesn't happen often! I love the words and the now image of the black bird sitting on the butta knife. It's up there with when my son thought: Give me the Beat Boys that Will Free my Soul was "Give me the people who will free my soul." He told me he thought it was a church song. I wish!

Meg Drew said...

wait.. it's not "panty war??"" DAMMIT!