Monday, June 25, 2012

Annnd...We're back!

Hey everyone!  So here I am back from an 11 day stint to hot and humid Florida.  Actually it wasn't too hot and humid the first week or so we were there.  The last few days when it rained on and off, yes, but it was suprisingly bearable. I was worried about this because you have to remember I live in hot DRY California.  Desert country.  Yes, it may reach 100 degrees during the summer, but at least you don't feel like you just stepped out of the shower five minutes after being outside.  Weather aside, we had a fantastic time.  

I mentioned the few days we spent at my parents house in the last post.  The second half of our trip was spent on the west coast of Florida with Andy's parents.  It was there that the weather took a turn, but only for the last couple of days really.  We managed to visit America's #1 beach, Siesta Key, fed the Flamingos at Sarasota's Jungle Gardens, and swim in the pool a few times before being trapped inside.  So the weather didn't hold us back that much.  It was just cloudy most of the time and I didn't get to finish working on my tan to bring my skin from clear to pale white before we left.  Oh well, I have the rest of the summer to do that, I suppose.  Especially since we won't see a drop of rain here until at least October.  It was actually nice to step out into a summer rain downpour.  We don't get that here at all.  Remember-desert.  

The girls had a blast visiting with their cousins, Brigid and Moira.  Everyone got along well and they took turns on who were the best buddies.  After spending this time with them, it's evident that Lana and Moira were cut from the same cloth, so to speak.  She goes from 0-60 in five second like Lana.  One minute doing great and having fun, the next her world is crumbling around her and she is letting everyone know.  Good luck David and Brenda.  Call me when you need tips.  Although, I may not have them.  I will say, I think Lana may be a bit more volatile than Moria though, so you might have an easier time.  Brigid and Sonya are a lot alike.  They are the in-charge-oldest-rule-followers.  Brigid loved having someone older to look up to.  I remember feeling the same way about my cousin Michelle as a kid, because I was the oldest.  Georgia is so go with the flow, she hung out with everyone and kind of tied them all together.  I loved seeing them all interact and hopefully they can come out to visit us sometime soon.  

My in-laws were very gracious hosts, even opting to stay at their friends house across the street so we all had beds to sleep in.   We had delicious dinners, including Lobster on Medz Papa's birthday, and a couple yummy meals out.  I thank them for all their hospitality.  (Especially those Lobsters!) All in all the second half of the trip was fun filled too.  

It was a great time and I wish we could do it more often, but flying ain't cheap for 5 people.  Not to mention flying with three kids.  Actually that part isn't so bad anymore. My girls did excellent both days of flying.   I even received a compliment from an older lady at the end of our first flight on Saturday from Tampa to Phoenix.  She told me how well behaved my girls were and that you don't see it often anymore.  Totally made my day.  However, (total tangent...) let me save some of you out there with younger kids the trouble.  If your kids are between the ages of 11 months and 2 1/2, DON'T FLY.  Unless it's a really short trip.  Before our trip to RI in October we hadn't flown with the girls in 2 1/2 years and that was for good reason.  Our last trip back from FL, three years ago, was nothing short of a nightmare.  It actually wasn't the girls' fault, but everything we went through that day with them made it so we didn't fly for a few years.  It's a long tale and one that I will entertain you with at another time.  I'll just tell you we were supposed to get back into Burbank at 2pm that day and we weren't home until 11pm.  Oh what fun!  It's also why I will NEVER fly American Airlines again.  So yeah, save yourself the trouble and drive, or make people come visit you, until you can keep your kids occupied on the plane with coloring, reading or TV.  End tangent.

So that's it!  I'm back to writing and with mornings off this week even.  The girls' have camp all week in the morning.  I wish I could say I will get a lot done, but seeing how it's almost time to pick them up and this is all I've accomplished so far doesn't look so good for all those closets that need cleaning.  

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