Monday, June 11, 2012

Not Making the Cut

In order to retain my sanity with the girls home during the first transition to summer week, I decided to go get my hair did.  Yes, I said get my hair did.  What?  That's not right?  Well you obviously  know nothing.  Anyway-I  had one of my babysitters, Julianna, come over to watch the girls. I then headed out to my long time hair dresser for a little cut and color.  I decided about a month ago that I wanted to really cut my hair.  Give it a good chop. It wasn't doing what I wanted anymore, and since it's summer and we are going to hot and humid Florida for ten days, I thought now would be the perfect time.  

Now those of you who know me, know I like my hair long.  Not Crystal Gale long, but past my shoulders long.  Every once in a while I will cut it shorter, but never to short.  I cut it really short once in college back when those 90210 styles were in (I had the Kelly Taylor cut). The pictures of me and that cut are horrifying.  So I will never have it "mom cut" short.  At least not until I'm 80 and go get it did every week.  No, I just wanted some kind of cute little bob.  Perhaps angled.  So I searched for pictures on the Internet and found a couple to show my hairdresser, Lydia.  I told Andy and the girls I was going to cut it, just so they wouldn't be completely surprised.  Nobody really cared, except for Sonya who wasn't really excited about the pictures of what would be my new 'do.  

I had a serene few hours without the girls and getting a my look.  Lydia did exactly what I wanted, and I was happy with the result.  I can still put it back in a ponytail, little and nubby as it is.  I was excited to come home and show off my new style to everyone. 

The girls all like to "hide" on the couch when Andy or I come home.  This means they cover themselves in pillows and we pretend not to see their feet.  Then we say something like, "Oh I guess the girls are gone!  Oh well!" Upon hearing this, they throw the pillows off and yell "Surprise!".  This never fails to amuse them.  

So I came home after my afternoon out, I walked in the house and they were all covered with pillows on the couch.  Lana and Georgia immediately threw off their pillows and yelled.  Then Julianna, along with the two little girls, started complimenting my new look.  Sonya was still "hiding" and I made a comment about her not being there.  That is when she threw off her pillow and  yelled  "surprise!" at me, only she ended up being the one surprised.  She took one look at me and her face fell.  Then she said,

"I don't like it."

"What?" I asked, thinking she was going to tell me she was joking.  

"I don't like it.  I don't like it at all!"

"Sonya," Julianna said.  "You don't like mommy's new hair cut?  It looks so cute!" She was trying hard to help out.

"No," she replied. "You don't look like mommy."

"Okay, Sonya," I said.  "I appreciate you being honest and it's okay if you don't like it."

I was actually a little taken aback because she is usually my one who is so worried about hurting someones' feelings.  In the past she would have just said she liked it in a way that I knew she didn't mean it.  This time she just came out and said what she thought.

Damn her father and I for teaching them not to lie!  Perhaps we need to tweak that rule a bit.  

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