Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bunny Hop

A few months back I wrote this story about the girls, and particularly Georgia, in dance class.  At the time I couldn't show you what they were doing, because we weren't allowed to video or take pictures.  This past Tuesday was the last class for this particular session, so the teacher allowed us to roll or snap away.  I took these videos with my phone.  The first one is a bit further away from them and you can get an idea of what everyone is SUPPOSED to be doing.  Sort of.  The second one, I managed to get closer to the girls so you can really see how awesome they are.  Awesomely adorable anyway.  The dancing....well, we're going to practice some more.  They are doing this Bunny Hop dance for the spring recital at the beginning of June.  You can tell the "hopping" is the favorite part for all the kids, especially my girls.  I also find it entertaining how Georgia can never really figure out which direction she is supposed to be dancing.  And Lana...Lana just looks bored.  Okay, so they might not be headed to a career in dance, but they do love going almost as much as I love watching them.  Hope you enjoy it too!

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