Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter

I've recently come to the realization, that little Georgia is becoming the jokester in the family.   She is the one who is not afraid to make a fool of herself to get a laugh.  For a few months now, she will use different voices to make fun or her sisters, or even Andy and I.  Most of the time it's her repeating what we say in a goofy voice, but I have no idea where she even got the idea to start doing this.  Then again, I have to remember who I'm married to.

Andy has always been funny.  It's definitely one of the reasons I married him to begin with.  Wittiness comes to him very naturally and anyone who knows him, knows how much he jokes around.  Pretty much 24/7.  It's hard to get him to be serious.  Usually the only time he's serious is when he's mad, we're in a fight or he's sleeping.  Actually, even during sleep he's laughing.  Like last week when I woke up from a nightmare yelling "NOOO!"  I think he laid in bed and giggled at me for five minutes before going back to sleep.  Don't bother seeing if I need comforting from my nightmare!! No no, just laugh at me yelling in my sleep.  Well, in his defense it was pretty funny.   He will be more serious when he's around people he doesn't know that well.  He has to feel out his audience before deciding what kind of jokes he can make.  When we had kids I always hoped that they would take after him in this way. They all seem to have a good sense of humor.  Each one of them can be goofy in her own way at different times, but Sonya will become too self conscience and Lana is too moody.   But Georgia...she is the one that will do anything to get a laugh.  Sometimes it's making silly faces, sometimes it's the mocking voices, then other times it's her attempt at trying to dance in tap class.

I take Georgia and Lana to dance class every Tuesday right now.  It's through the Parks and Rec here in Burbank, so it was fairly cheap.  One week they do ballet and the next week it's tap.  The girls like going, and I can't even begin to tell how how incredibly adorable and funny they are.  I wish I had videos or a picture even, but alas their teacher doesn't allow it.  She doesn't allow much, let me tell you.  She is very serious about dancing with them and even I'm scared of doing something wrong when I'm there.  

Yesterday, she was teaching the girls "shuffle, hop, step", which is the only step I remember from my own very brief tap days some 100 years ago.  She showed the girls how to do it and then she went down the line to have each of them do it so she could help them with it.  The girls in this class are between 3-5 years old, so they are all cute to watch and have a hard time performing any step. They also have difficulty keeping focused for the 25 minutes they are in there. All of us moms are entertained by our kids each week, and how funny they are when they try to dance.  This week though, Lana nailed it.  She did a great job with the move and the teacher even commended her.  I was so proud.  The instructor continued to have each girl show her the move individually until she got to Georgia.  Oh Georgia.  I don't really even know how to describe what she did in words.  If you were a Seinfeld fan, think something along the lines of the Elaine dance.  If you weren't you can check it out here.  Yeah, it was sorta like that.

Georgia did the shuffle, but kicked her leg way out in front of her.  Then she jumped high in the air and landed hard for her step.  Except when she jumped, she did this thing with her arms punching them in the air.  Her teacher made her do it a few times on each foot and every time she did the weird jump arm thing.  At the start of her turn I was giggling, but by the end, I was in full church laughing mode.  You know the one. It happens when you find something funny in church and you can't laugh out loud, so you start to laugh inward and it makes your whole body shake which only  makes you laugh harder.  Then your mom snaps her fingers and gives you her mad look because you are laughing in church, even if it isn't out loud.  That was me at dance class yesterday.  Only when I turned to look at the other moms, they weren't snapping their fingers with mad faces at me, but doing their own church laugh.  I was laughing so badly that I started tearing up at one point.  I didn't want to laugh out loud, because I didn't want Georgia to feel self conscience.  However, it appeared she did notice we were all in silent fits of giggles, and this only fueled her to be more silly.  Even her strict instructor was smiling and appeared to be holding back some of her own chuckles.  Then the mom sitting next to me, leaned over and said,

"She is super cute!"

Yes, yes she is. While she may not be the best dancer or any kind of dancer,  she appears to be the class clown of the dancing class, and loves every minute of it. 

 I always knew that when I got surprisingly pregnant with her, there was a reason for her to be in our lives.  I'm almost certain now it is for her to make us laugh, and lighten our lives.  For all the drama the older two can cause us, she is the comedy to play off of them.  I think she is going to have us, and others around her laughing out loud or church style, for many years to come.  


MelPep said...

Sweet fancy Moses.

Kristi said...

Hahahaha! That is what I should have said in dance class!

Meg Drew said...

snap snap..mean face... girls! (through gritted teeth)...ahh those were the days...