Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Party Disaster, Averted

So, let's see...where was I?  Oh right!  Pouring rain outside at least 40 people inside, half of them kids, husband unable to move, all for Lana's fifth birthday party.  YAY!  Well, after I got Andy situated on the bed in a position that wasn't killing him, and after my small inner freak out, my mind started racing.  How could I fix him?  Who do I know that has good drugs?  Do WE have any good drugs?  I mean other than the very strong sangria I made.  Although, Andy's not really a big drinker, so that wouldn't work anyway.  And what about all the food he was supposed to be picking up right then?  How was THAT going to happen?  I could go get everything myself, but Andy was in no shape to watch the girls and I still had things to do in the house.  What about the PINATA??  How the hell were we going to do a piñata in my little house??  So I did the one thing I don't usually like to do, I asked for help.

No, I am not one to ask for help.  I am the woman you see walking out of the grocery with one kid on her hip throwing a tantrum, dragging another by the hand, carrying four grocery bags and insisting I'm fine.  I don't know why I don't like asking for help.  I guess it's a combination of me wanting to do everything for myself, and not wanting to put anyone else out.  This time I had no choice.  I guess I could have done it all myself, but it would have been more stress than I needed at that point.  Not to mention, I wouldn't have been able to shower.  Something I believe everyone should do before having a party with 40 people at their house.  Just sayin'.  

The first call I made was to the awesome, fantastic, amazing, always there for me in a pinch, Melinda.  It wasn't even a hesitation for her, but a "what do you need and where is it?"  She showed up at my house by 12:30, in the pouring rain, with a car full of food and balloons.  I had totally forgotten what kind of balloons I had ordered, and the gigantic Hello Kitty completely took over her small car.  I have no idea how she even got them in there to begin with!

The pickups were taken care of, which left me free to finish up what I needed to at home.  Now I just had to figure out what to do for my husband.  The second call I made was to my best friend and walking pharmacy, Melissa.  For a long time,  Melissa would have whatever kind of pill you needed on her.  Motrin, Tylenol, Excedrin.  You need something stronger?  She might have some Vicodin or Tylenol with Codeine. Anxiety?  There's some Xanex in there somewhere.  It's not like she ever obtained anything illegally.  Just the opposite.  She would have a prescription for something, and never liked to take all of it, so she had leftovers. Unfortunately, all those prescriptions expired at some point and a few months ago she got rid of most of them.  I tried to tell her that the expiration dates were just a suggestion. What about her friends who might need that stuff for back pain or anxiety from throwing her five year old daughter's birthday party inside.  Apparently we weren't in her thoughts when she flushed them down the toilet.  Whatever Melissa!  However,  she did find some Tylenol with Codeine that made the cut. She was willing to bring a few to help ease Andy's pain.  The only problem was that she lives about 35 minutes from us and wasn't going to be at the party until later in the afternoon.  I had to find something before then or Andy was destined to spend the afternoon in our bedroom.  Then I remembered the last time this happened, Andy got some muscle relaxers from our friends Norb and Cecelia.  Cecelia had back problems at one point and she too had some left over medication.  What were the chances hers weren't expired and flushed down the toilet to dope up the fish in the ocean?

I called them to find out and spoke to Norb.  Luckily, Cecelia did have some left.  The even better news was that they only live a mile from us. I asked if he could pretty please bring them over and he agreed.  We have some fantastic friends, is all I'll say.

About thirty minutes after taking the pill, Andy was able to move around a VERY little.  But it was enough to get him to take a shower and at least make him party presentable.  I showered with him to make sure he didn't fall over and have  a concussion.  That was all we would need!  I had to help him get dried off and dressed, since every move he made led to more pain.  He kept saying how humiliated he felt, but I help three kids get dressed every day, so really, what's the difference?  Besides, I think there was something about this in our vows somewhere, so I'm obligated to do it.  Once we got a heating wrap and his back brace on him, he was a bit more mobile.  Enough where he could at least come out and attend the party, even if he couldn't really help do to much.  

I rushed to get myself ready, which having kids has taught me to do quickly and still look good.  I remember the days it would take me an HOUR AND A HALF to get ready.  Seriously??  Well, that was in the days of high hair too, and if the bangs were to long and in need of a cut you could tack on an extra twenty minutes.  Not now though.  Now I can get showered, hair dried, makeup on, dressed and out the door in thirty minutes.  Well, as long as I'm left alone and don't have to break up fights.  To avoid this I let the girls sit in front of the TV for an hour, so I could get Andy and myself ready.  It was all I could do at that point.  They certainly didn't argue about it.  

Just after I was done getting dressed, I realized it was 12:25.  I didn't have the guacamole made, drinks ready or any of the snacks out.  No big deal though, because nobody comes to these things on time and certainly not when it's raining in Los Angeles.  Except my friend Stacy and her family.  They gave themselves to much time to get to our house and as I was trying to get everything together, I head the girls yell "someone is here!!" and there they were knocking on our door.  Damn!  Well, let's just continue with the asking for the help theme.  I was on a roll, so why stop now?

Of all my friends, Stacy is the most like me as far as cooking goes.  Meaning, she does.  So when they walked in and saw I wasn't ready yet and I explained the situation, they immediately asked what they could do.  I had no problem having her make the guacamole, while her husband and my girls helped get drinks in the coolers.  Within minutes, Melinda arrived and we had what food we needed.  Then before I knew it there were 40 people in my house.  I'm not sure when it happened or how fast, all I know is it got  very crowded and very LOUD very quickly. My Grandpa showed up at one point with his girlfriend (yes, my 85 year old Grandpa has a GIRLFRIEND!  SO cute!) They didn't stay very long, however, because I think it was just to much for them.  Can't say I blame them.  I was ready to stand outside in the rain at one point.  

It did go well though.  The kids all went to the bedrooms and played or got their faces painted by Sonya, The adults hung out in the kitchen or living room, ate, drank and chatted.  Time went by quickly and the rain came down harder.  We played pin the tail on the donkey, an old time fav and perfect for the rainy day party.  Happy birthday was sung to Lana, cake was eaten and good times were  had.  I even figured out a way to have the kids do the piñata.  

One of our friends who was at the party, who's name also happens to be Andy, is VERY tall.  I'm not even sure how tall.  6'3", 6'5" maybe?  I don't know, when you're 5'1" anything over 5'5" looks tall.  Anyway, I had Andy hold the piñata up. Instead of using a bat, because I didn't want anyone to injure tall Andy, we just had the kids pull the strings they put on the pinatas nowadays.  I never liked those strings and always thought it was cop out to use them.  What fun is that?  The fun part of the piñata is being able to beat the shit out of it, right?  Well, now I know what those strings are there for.  Inside birthday parties.  Plus, as it turns out, hitting the piñata is secondary.  All the kids really want is the candy anyway.  

So that was that.  Lana had a great time, which is all that mattered to me to begin with. I think everyone else did too.  A few of the moms hung out  past the party end time sipping (or recovering from) the sangria and chatting around my island in the kitchen, while the kids continued to play.  Andy had taken himself out of the festivities a little before then to lay down on the bed, since he was not doing well at all. Still, he was a trooper and made it though the whole party, which was awesome of him.  He's a good dad like that.  

Well, even though it took some doing I pulled it off.  I was kinda proud at myself, because there was a point where I thought about canceling altogether, but I'm glad we didn't.  It was fun and it's a great story for now and even in later years.  "Oh God!  Remember Lana's fifth birthday party when it poured and your back went out??  Fun times!"  Now it's a party we will remember and not some run of the mill, uneventful, bounce house and birthday cake, beautiful weather party.  Where's the fun in that?

 Oh! I almost forgot!  Lana threw up toward the end of the party.  Nothing big, just from coughing to hard and gagging, not a stomach bug or anything.  But, chocolate cake came up and her dress and the rug in her room had to be washed.  Not to mention, she effectively ended the tea party she and her friends were having.  Aaaannnnd, Georgia pooped her pants.  But, still good and still fun!  Just a bit crazy.

I think perhaps, after all this, that maybe Chuck E Cheese is not such a bad place after all.  It's starting to look like a real good option for Georgia's fifth birthday party next year.

The birthday girl.  Yes, she's wearing
her Christmas dress as a party dress.
The disaster area of toys.

Andy and the piñata
Sonya's face painting station
The kids pulling the piñata strings.

side note-Thank you again to all our friends who helped make the party happen; Melinda, Norb, Cecelia, Stacy-you rock. Tall Andy- thanks for holding the piñata.  Melissa-thank you for the Tylenol with Codeine.  Good thing those weren't expired!

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Hollyhome said...

...and Tall Andy goes down in history as a true hero :)

Yes...I learned Chuck E Cheese is the best even at its worst...cuz you can walk away from it all and go home to a clean house!