Monday, March 12, 2012

Her Two Scents

Last week on my bi-monthly Target trip (I'm trying to cut down), I stopped in the candle aisle to look for something for the house and for gifts.  Usually we only burn Yankee candles around the holidays, but on those days when the house reeks from me making fish, or the trash hasn't been taken out in a timely manner, I need something to help cut down the smelliness.  So as I was smelling every candle in Target, Lana and Georgia were right beside me taking their own wiffs.

After a couple minutes, this started to make me nervous because one false sniff of the wrong strong scent and Georgia might be thrown into a migraine.  As of this point, she hasn't had one since the doctor put her on the medication.  She is due for one, so I'm grateful that it hasn't happened yet and keep hoping it's because of the medication. However, I am wondering if it just isn't time for one yet.  It's hard to tell.   I wasn't really wanting to tempt fate by having a bunch of different scents surrounding her, so I asked them to please stop smelling the candles, for Georgia's sake.  Yeah, right.  I realized I  had to get out of the aisle.  I quickly chose what I wanted and we left, before any damage was done.

Georgia seemed to be fine afterward and talked about how "da smells could make her dizzy", but she wasn't dizzy, so it seemed that test was passed.  It's nice to know this medicine really seems to be doing it's job.  On the way home in the car, she and Lana started to talk about smelling the candles again.  Georgia said,

"I smelled dem and day didn't make me dizzy!"

"I know," I told her, "but you just have to be careful, okay?"

"Yeah," she agreed. "Cuz I don wanna get dizzy and frow up."

"No, you don't," I said.

"Yeah, because wememba yast year when I frowed up in da bucket?" She told me.

Well, it was only two months ago, but it might as well be last year to her.  "I do remember," I told her.

"Yup!" She said.  "Cuz dats what being sick is ALL about!"

"Throwing up in bucket?" I asked.

"Yeah, and being dizzy," she reminded me.

Well, I guess to her that IS what being sick is all about.  Hopefully not anymore, or at least not for a while.


Rachel said...

I finally read ALL blog entries dating back to 2009! I have enjoyed reading about your cute girls as I have two daughters myself. My oldest is 8 & my 'baby' will be five in just a couple of weeks. Your stories sometimes have me nodding my head like, "yep, been there". I

Kristi said...

Thanks Rachel! I always love new readers. Feel free to forward my blog to friends! :)

Nuts about food said...

I love how you transcribed the way your daughter speaks, so cute. Anything in the past that isn't yesterday or a week ago is last year according to my daughter too.