Monday, April 2, 2012


One of my friends got Lana this "auto tuner" microphone Paper Jamz for her birthday.  The girls all LOVE it.  Okay, I LOVE it.  (Thanks Kelly Kimball!)  It's fun to sing into and listen to it distort your voice to make it sound better, or worse.  Last week I recorded the little girls singing Coldplay's "Paradise" into it.  Why that song?  This is their current favorite song to sing.  Well, that and Fun's "We Are Young".  Yup, nothing like your 3 and 5 year old singing to a song about getting drunk at a bar and having someone there to carry you home.  What??  It's a GOOD song!  Anyway-I stuck with recording this one.  Also because they will be hearing it a bunch more as I play it over and over again to get ready for their concert in May.  My family just bought me tickets for my birthday!  I'm so excited!  I hear Coldplay puts on one of the best shows ever.  Thanks Mom, Dad, Beth and Megan!  Now, maybe if I can get this video to Chris Martin, he'll upgrade my seats to front row.  Or call me for a playmate with Apple and Moses.   How could he not with all that talent and cuteness?

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