Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Vacation

Hello and welcome back!  Well, to me anyway.  I have neglected my writing because of our whirlwind trip to Rhode Island for the past six days.  Can I really call a trip to RI whirlwind though?  I guess that should be saved for more exotic vacations to places like Paris or Italy, maybe even Hawaii.  However, since there's no chance in hell I will be visiting any of those places in my near future, I will consider this trip in the whirlwind category.  It kinda was.  We did so much in the four full days we were there.  Dinner's out, visits from family and friends, visit to friends, lots of good food and great wine- of course- all while staying with my brother-in-law and his family.

The great news is that the six hour plane ride across the country went extremely well.  The girls did fantastic the whole time and we didn't have any major problems.  It's so much easier traveling with them now that they can keep themselves entertained and aren't in diapers.  As I am writing this, we are on the plane back home.  It's hasn't been horrible, but Georgia is definitely more antsy this time.  About ten minutes ago I sent her to sit with Andy.  It was his turn.  

One of the main reasons we decided to take this trip was because we had not seen Andy's brother, David and his family in over two years.  They have a little girl, Brigid who is a few months older than Georgia, who we had met before. However over a year and a half go my sister-in-law gave birth to Moira, who we had never even seen in person.  Sometimes it really sucks living 3,000 miles across the country.  Even if the weather is nice most of the time.  

My girls had a great time meeting and playing with their cousins.  Brigid was especially fun, because she fits right in with my kids ages.  Although, I fear she may have picked up some bad habits from my girls.  Perhaps a bit of an attitude and a little more wildness.  Oops!  Sorry David and Brenda.  Brigid is usually a more quiet, easy going type of kid.  In fact Brenda described her as an 80 year old in a 3 year old body.  I think one of my favorite things she did this weekend was when she asked if she could play outside with my girls.

Sonya and Lana decided to go outside and play picnic, and hang out on the hammock.  I don't recall them asking me, more just saying they were going.  That was fine with me.  They were playing, having fun and staying outside to make noise.  That meant peace and quiet inside.  Works for me!  They coaxed Brigid into going out with them, but once outside she realized that SHE had not gotten permission.  I was on my way into the house and she said to me,

"Can I pway owside wit da gwils?"

"Sure, Brigid.  Go play," I told her.

"But, can you ask my mowm if I can pway owside?" She said to me.

"It's okay Brigid, I'll tell mommy you're out here," I promised her.

Then she looked at me and kinda put her finger up toward me and said,

"Yeah, but still, can you ask my mowm if is okay."

It was then I realized she wasn't about to take my word for it so I turned toward the upstairs where Brenda was changing Moira and said, 

"Brenda, Brigid wants to make sure it's okay with you if she's outside playing."

She of course okayed it and upon hearing this Brigid went to join her cousins to play outside.  But ONLY after it was positively okay by her mom.  I think my girls would be okay with the mailman telling them it was okay to do something.  

So while, it is sad that we don't live closer today for us all to get together more often, it's probably better for David and Brenda in the long run.  I have a feeling my girls would be a bad influence on Brigid's 80 year old soul.  

Thanks to David and Brenda for the hospitality!  We had a fabulous time!

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