Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Aluminum Anniversary

A couple weeks ago I told you all about my ten year anniversary.  I mentioned how much I love my husband and how great he is.  He proved it further with his gifts to me for our anniversary.  Usually we don't exchange gifts, but since this was our tenth, we decided to make an exception.  Okay, fine.  I decided we should get each other gifts.  I mean it's been ten years!  Anyway, I didn't really care what he got or how much he spent, I just wanted a little something to commemorate the occasion.  Most guys would have just gotten some flowers or a random piece of jewelry, which would have been fine.  However, when Andy puts  thought behind a gift, he becomes the most romantic, sweetest, fantastic guy.  Here is what I got: 

Now most of you are looking at this and thinking- "Ummmm, looks like random jewelry to me."   But it isn't at all.  In fact, the necklace made me cry.  Here is what you are looking at.  

First of all, both pieces are made from aluminum since the tenth is the aluminum anniversary.  Who even knew there WAS such a thing as aluminum jewelry?  The earrings are purple, with gold in them.  They represent the place where Andy and I met, college.  The colors of our school were purple and gold. Those he gave to me on our anniversary.  The necklace came last week. When it arrived I called Andy to let him know and he explained it to me.   If you look at the necklace you will see dates stamped on each of the rectangles.  Those are the girls birthdays. The little round balls represent Andy and I.  They are peas in a pod.  That is where I started to cry.  Then he told me the reason they are blue and not green, like peas are supposed to be, is because my eyes are blue and he thought the blue would be better on me.  AWWWWW!! I know right!  He really CAN be so thoughtful and romantic.  I love both of my gifts.  I wish I could have been as thoughtful, but he really did need/want his new sunglasses.   

Now if only he could be romantic in a picking up his dirty clothes off the floor and putting his dirty dishes in the sink kind of way.  I guess for now though, he gets a free pass.


Christy Marshall said...

uhhhh...free pass for eternity. what a wonderful read this wednesday morning. i would love to encourage you to read my latest blog post. it might be something that you and those sinfully adorable girls might be interested in. besides, i would love to hear what you ladies mustered up. if you want to do it, you can link up to the blog that i got the inspiration from. it's a great way to socially connect with other readers as well as be one more fabulous example for the girls. can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Your husband obviously put so much thought into creating the perfect anniversary gift. One question - you do have pierced ears, right? Otherwise those earrings might be for some other college sweetheart. ;)
Happy 10 year anniversary! I'm so glad he didn't celebrate your aluminum anniversary by getting you a six pack.

Kristi said...

Actually, I would have accepted the six pack happily. I mean I don't love beer like do wine, but still, it works just as well!

aline said...

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