Monday, July 11, 2011

Twenty Questions

Last night, after dinner, I was making homemade ice cream sundaes for everyone.  The girls were anxious to get their ice cream.  They were having a hard time sitting still, so Andy started to play a little game with them to keep them occupied for five minutes.  Because you know, when you're a kid, waiting five minutes for ice cream might as well be five months.  So he started to ask them questions like:

"Who here has curly hair?"  Georgia and Lana raised their hands.

"Who here has blue eyes?" All the girls raised their hands.

"Who here is a smart girl?" Again, they all raised their hands.  Andy and I were proud of the fact that they all think of themselves as smart, so point for us there.

"Who here has straight hair?" Sonya raised her hand.

It went on like this for a minute or so, then he decided to ask a silly question like this one:

"Who here has stinky farts?" I look over to see Lana with both hands in her lap, Sonya with her hand raised high in the air and Georgia pointing a finger over at Sonya sitting next to her.

I think I laughed so hard I might have let one slip myself, and probably should have had my own hand in the air.

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