Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super Girl

Sonya is at an art camp this week and after I pick Lana up from her preschool camp, we go to the park near Sonya's camp.  The two little girls play until it is time to get Sonya.  During their play time today, Lana ran over to me and showed me something she had found in the sand.  

"I found a jewel!" she told me.

Or just a clear crystal bead, but still, it was treasure to her.  She asked if she could keep it and I told her she could.  She carried around with her the rest of her play time at the park.  Then when we were leaving  she told me, she had to take the jewel from the park, not just because she liked it, but because she was helping the animals.  

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Because Sissy said that when we found da Elmo book at da beach," she explained,  "we had to take it so no animals would eat it and die." 

(Quick back story on that-The girls found one of those baby, squishy bath books in the water at the beach a couple of weeks ago.  They claimed it as their own, when nobody else did.  I guess it was during that time Sonya told Lana it was good of them to take it so no animals would eat it and be harmed.)

I guess she was applying the same logic to finding the bead, or "jewel" at the park.

"Oh I see," I said.  "So you're taking the jewel so no animals will find it and eat it."

 "Yeah!  So they don't get sick," she told me.  Then she held up the bead and said, "WE'RE SAVIN' DA WORLD!"

I just giggled to myself, because it was so cute and innocent.  I love how simple a four year old sees things.   If only saving the world WAS as easy as making sure a helpless animal didn't eat a book or bead, then I'd feel so much better about sending my girls out into it someday. 

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Moomser said...

Every little action helps, though, doesn't it? So she really did save the world in a way.