Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing The Diapers

Okay- Georgia has been potty trained now for what- seven months now?  Since January I believe.  She has even been night trained for at least two or three months.  That's why when she started peeing the bed EVERY NIGHT for the past two and a  half weeks (which has made my sleep really restful), and then having multiple accidents during the day, I became a bit worried.  

I suppose I should admit that while Georgia was the earliest and easiest to potty train, she is also the one who is the most defiant about going to the bathroom, and had the most accidents.  Half the time when she announces she has to pee, she has already let a little go, leaving her underwear anywhere from a tiny bit wet to soaked and needing a new pair.  She just can't be bothered to stop her play with her sisters to take two minutes to use the bathroom.  She might miss something important in those two minutes!  This is usually how getting her to use the potty goes:

Georgia dancing around holding herself.

Me- "Georgia, do you have to pee?"

G- "No."

Me- "Are you sure, because it looks like you have to go."

G- "Nooooo!!  I don haf to!"

Me- "G-go to the bathroom, it will take two seconds."

G- "Nooo! I don't haf to goooo!"  Still dancing and holding herself.

It's at this point that I eventually convince her or force her to go.  Usually the underwear is wet and we get new ones.  As you can imagine, this is not helping my incredible laundry situation.  

Then a couple of weeks ago, she started wetting the bed at night.  I haven't had a pull-up on her in months.  The first night or two it happened I didn't think anything of it, because she will have an accident every now and then.  But when it started happening every night, I had to put the pull up back on.  Still, I thought it was just something weird for the moment.  Then she started having pee accidents during the day.  One while standing on Lana's bed, one in the bathroom, one in my bedroom, one in her car seat when she fell asleep on our way to the Getty museum, and then the one that sealed it for me.  The one AT the Getty Museum.  THAT was fun.  

The good news was we were  in the Children's room at the museum and not in front of some priceless piece of art where everyone would be walking by with disapproving stares. (YOU try to get her to pee disapproving people!) No, this was just while she was standing on a stool coloring with Sonya and Lana.  I had asked her about two minutes before if she had to use the bathroom.  Of course her answer was no.  I knew her bladder had to be filling up because she had drank so much at lunch time.  I told the girls we had five more minutes.  Then we had to leave that area and find a bathroom, since I was sure Georgia would be asking for one at any moment.  No need for finding the bathroom though because, as they all stood drawing and coloring, Georgia calmly said, 

"I'm peeing."

Just like that.  No warning.  No, "quick I have to go now!".  Just, "I'm peeing".  It was like telling me she was hungry or tired. 

The pee ran down her leg and quickly puddled on the stool.  Stupidly, I tried to tell her to stop, but come on, I can't do that myself so how is a three year old going to?   I grabbed some wipees, cleaned up the mess on the floor, took the girls and went in search of a bathroom to change her.  The bad thing, or even worse thing, about this situation was I had no extra underwear.  I had put her extras on her when were in the car and I discovered she had peed herself on the way to the museum.  I did have stretch pants and a shirt for her though.  So Georgia went commando for the rest of the afternoon.  

The next day I called the Doctor, because this just didn't seem right to me.  My youngest sister Megan, who is a nurse, thought it was a good idea too.  She thought that there was a small chance that she could have a UTI, even if she wasn't complaining about any pain.  On Wednesday afternoon we took a little trip to visit the pediatrician.  After I explained the situation, the nurse  handed me a cup for Georgia to pee in. 

 "Nice.  That should be easy," was my sarcastic thought.  However, as it turned out, it wasn't that difficult and it became the highlight of every one's day.  Especially Georgia.  For the rest of the afternoon she talked about peeing in the cup.  As soon as Andy came home from work, 

"Daddy, I peed in da cup!" 

The next morning when she woke up, she told me about how we went to the Doctor's the day before and she- "peed in da cup!!"  She's going to be super excited when she gets pregnant some day and has to pee in the cup! every time she goes to a prenatal visit.  

They did an initial test of her urine at the pediatrician's office, and they didn't see anything unusual.  No UTI, no diabetes, so that was good.  The Doctor asked me if there was anything unusual or stressful going on  in her life, but there isn't unless you count the summer craziness.  I suppose it's just a phase she's going through.  At least that's what we're writing it off as for now.  She has been better the past couple days and hasn't had any accidents.  She's even been dry at night, but I'm keeping the pull up on her for a few more days.  I need the sleep.  And less laundry.  

Let this be a lesson for all you parents out there itching to get your kid out of diapers. As you can see it's not always what it's cracked up to be.  You still have to change your kids and clean them, more often than you expect.  Not to mention it's a bigger mess without the diaper to contain it.  As it turns out- underwear-not so absorbent.  


The Screwer Upper said...

WELL! Thank you, my friend. You just popped my bubble. Molly has been pull-up free at night (finally) for a week now. Just as I'm exhaling you're telling me to be on my toes? Hmph! Thanks!

Moomser said...

This just reinforces my stance of not potty training until they're begging me to take the stupid diaper off. I have no problem sending them off to college in diapers. No problem at all!

Anonymous said...

I am really wishing I read this before I came over on Saturday and went wild tickling her. Sorry for the accident!