Friday, July 8, 2011

Not A Good Sign

There is a story about Lana that I wanted to tell you all, but it didn't happen while I was around.  However, it is so amusing and disturbing at the same time, that I had to share.  

Last week my next door neighbor, Victor, came over to hang out with the little girls.  Georgia was napping and I had to pick up Sonya from her day camp. I didn't want to have to wake Georgia up to go.  So Victor, who is off his job for the summer, generously agreed to stay at my house for the fifteen minutes I needed to be out.  Later on that week I asked him to come over again for the same reason.  Before I left, he told me he had forgotten to mention what Lana had done a few days before.  

Victor had come over to the house chewing gum.  I don't know if I've mentioned on here before, but my girls are obsessed with gum.  I think it's the ghost of my Noni that influences them.  My mom says she used to give us gum when we were old enough to chew it.  So all three of my girls love gum, even though the older two spit it out as soon as the flavor is gone and Georgia swallows it in about three minutes.  I used to be worried about that, but then that worry subsided when she started to throw a fit about me not letting her have gum.  So eh-whatever I say.  

Okay so back to Victor chewing gum.  Lana noticed it and said to him.

"Do you have gum?"

He told her he did and was chewing it, but didn't have anymore.  At this point, she jumped up and told him she knew where the gum in our house was.  She ran into the kitchen to get herself a piece and came back out chewing away.  Victor didn't question it  to much since this seemed to be a normal occurrence from the way she knew where to get gum, and it certainly is.  

They continued to play and then after about five minutes she told him she would be right back.  At this point she disappeared for a longer amount of time.  Victor started to get a bit worried that she was gone for a bit to long and might be getting in to trouble, so he called for her.  She came running down the hallway from the bathroom back to where he was on the couch.  

"Where did you go?" He asked.

"Oh, I went to spit out my gum.  Den I had to bwush my teef, so my mom wouldn't smell da gum in my mouf."




Isn't this something TEENAGERS learn to do after they've been drinking and/or smoking to try and hide it from the parents?   My four year already FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO IT!  Although I really wouldn't have cared about her chewing gum, she tried to hide it from me, just in case.  

Somewhere around the year 2021, expect me to lose my mind. 

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