Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking Charge

Hello everyone!  I know you probably wondered where I ran off to last week.  Or maybe you don't check this blog that often and you didn't know I wasn't writing.  In which case, "whatever with you" as my Noni  used to say.  I took a little break last week from writing about being a mommy, because MY mommy was in town.  She and my father took a trip to Australia and they stopped here on their way back.  My dad could only stay a day because he had to get back to work, but my mom is a teacher so she is  off for the summer.  She got to stay and play for a week.  We had a great time doing fun things like going to the farm and the beach.  She helped me cook, clean and take care of the girls.  Oh and there was all that wine we consumed at night as well.  So, I didn't really have much time for writing since we were out most of the days and making jam or baking Spider Man cakes most nights.  Yes, we are crazy like that.  But the bottom line is, we had a great time and I got a break here and there (including a hotel night away with Andy!)  So while I know you were all sad to not get any stories last week, I was storing the funny moments in my memory bank to be sure and bring back to you this week.  Unfortunately, my memory isn't what it used to be and I probably should have written them down. I do have at least one for you now though!  Mom, if you remember a story you want me to relay, feel free to comment!

I believe this happened Thursday evening, when we came back from In and Out.  We were getting the kids out of the car and for some reason, Lana was interested in checking out the change I keep in the front of the car.  She wanted a coin, but I told her she had to go inside and get ready for bed and then I would give her one.  Apparently, this was not good enough for her and she wanted a coin and she wanted it NOW!  I pulled her out of the van while she whined,


She did this over and over again for about fifteen minutes.  I was trying to ignore it at first, but that wasn't working.  Then I tried threatening, but that wasn't effective either.  I got her pajamas on and I needed her to go brush her teeth, but she was so obsessed with getting a damn coin.  I was just about to put her in time out when my mom came in the room to try and help redirect her.  Lana was just standing over by her toy box, whining, 


I was two seconds away from my whine for wine.  Just as I was about to put an end to it all and punish her, Sonya walked into the room with her little wallet in one hand and something I didn't see in her other.  My mom said, 

"Uh, Kristi..."

Then I realized what Sonya was doing and before I could stop her, she handed Lana a coin.  

"No, Sonya!" I called out, but it was to late.  Lana  promptly took the coin from Sonya's hand and placed immediately into her belly bank she was standing next to.  Then she looked over at me and smiled. Not a nice cute smile, but an evil, "ha ha I win" smile.    

I just put my head in my hands and sighed whil my mom stood next to me chuckling to herself.  

"I just wanted to make her happy!" Sonya told me

Frustrated,  I shuffled everyone off to the bathroom to brush their teeth, trying to let go of what just happened.  While we were in the bathroom, Sonya tried to explain herself.  She said she just wanted Lana to be happy so she would stop whining and then that would make me happy.  While her logic was dead on, her parenting skills were way off.  Everyone knows you don't give in to a whining child.  It will just make them whine even more next time.  

I told Sonya, while I appreciated what she tried to do, it was not the best thing and I was trying to teach Lana something.  She seemed to understand what I was telling her and promised not to interfere the next time.  

While they finished brushing their teeth, I let Lana and Georgia know there would be no milk before bedtime.  We had eaten quite a bit at dinner and they just needed to get to bed.  Lana did not like this new turn of events, so she started with this whine,

"Milk, Milk, MMMIIIILLKKK!"  

I am so not kidding.   

At this point, Sonya turned around and said to Lana,

"Lana, you better stop that!  I already gave you one wish tonight and I got in trouble for that, so I can't give you another wish today.  So, you better stop whining."

And then... she did.  

Is six years old to young to leave at home to babysit for a four and three year old?

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