Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For the Duran Duran Fans

I totally forgot about telling you all this story.  Then when I was trying to think about what to write about today, it popped in my head.  So even if it's a month old, it's still a good one.

My neighbor across the street, Kelly, has helped me out with the girls A LOT over the past couple years.  She was out of work, unfortunately for her, but it meant I had a daytime babysitter  from time to time.  Great for me!  Just recently she got a job, which she was very happy about, no so great for me.  I guess I forgot to tell her that it's all about me my needs.  I mean does she really NEED to work?  Who needs food and shelter EVERY day.  So overrated.  Seriously, I'm very happy for her, but it does kinda suck that I don't have a go to person to watch the girls last minute, if needed.  Oh well.  Sonya's old enough to babysit, right?  Anyway-since Kelly would watch Lana and Georgia sometimes during the day, Sonya was feeling left out.  She loves Kelly and wanted to spend time with her, but with school and everything else she had going on, there wasn't much time.  Kelly decided she wanted to take Sonya out to lunch and a movie one weekend, so they could hang out together. This, of course thrilled Sonya to no end.  So, one Saturday last month, Kelly took her to see the movie Rio.

The morning of their day out, the five of us were all at the breakfast table talking about our upcoming events for the day.  Sonya started saying how she was so excited to go out to lunch and see the movie, but then she wasn't sure what this movie was about?  My girls don't watch too many, if any, TV commercials.  Therefore, they don't really see what movies are coming out, except when we drive by a poster now and then.

"But mom what is the movie about?  I think I saw a bird or something on the picture," she told us.

Andy told her, "I think it's about a bird that can't fly."

So thinking I'm funny, because of course I am, I said, "Really?  I thought it was about a bird that dances on the sand."

Now those of you who are Duran Duran fans out there just got that.  Those of you who are not, like my husband, have no idea why I thought that was funny.  Andy gave me a weird look, so I sang,

"You know 'her name is Rio and she dances on the saaaannndd!'"

THEN he got it.  But since I had to explain it, it turned out not to be so funny for him.  Sonya was clueless about what we were talking about.  I hate when my jokes go to waste.

Fast forward to the next day.  I had come back from my night away with my friend BethAnnDoddKoehn, and I was talking to the girls about how their day was on Saturday.  I said to Sonya,

"How was your time out with Kelly? Oh and how was the movie?!"

She told me, "Great! But mom, dad was right and you were wrong."

Huh?  "About what?" I asked.

"The movie," she replied.  "It WAS about a bird who couldn't fly, not one who dances on the sand."

Too bad Glee hasn't done a Duran Duran episode yet, then I wouldn't have had to explain myself.     

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