Monday, March 21, 2011

Weighting for Her Birthday

Today is the anniversary of the day I gave birth to my second baby.  To put more simply, it's Lana's fourth birthday.

First of all I have no idea where the hell the past four years went.  If someone can please find them, I'd love to have at least one or two back.  Secondly, I thought in honor of Lana's birthday today, I'd tell you about something she asked for as a birthday present that we indeed did give to her.

It started a couple weeks ago when we went to Sports Authority to get Sonya her baseball uniform.  While we were there, Lana and Georgia found the hand weights on sale.  Quick back story-I do workouts at home every day and frequently use hand weights.  The girls are always trying to pick mine up and "use" them.  The three pounds they can do, but when it comes to the fives, eights and tens, I won't let them get near them.  I'm mostly afraid they will drop one on a foot or toe.  That would not be a fun visit to the ER.  At the sports store, however, they had one pound weights, AND they were PINK.  Miss Lana's favorite color.

She played with them for a while, then when I told her to put them back because we had to go she protested.  The only way to get her out of the store without a scene was to remind her that her birthday was coming up and maybe she would get them as a gift.  I just figured she'd forget about it.  She did not.  Anytime I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she would say,

"Dos tings at da store where we got sissy's stuff."

At first I had no idea what "tings" she was talking about.  Then I figured it out and said,

"Oooh!  You mean the weights?"

"YEAH!" she replied.

I really had no intention of getting them for her.  I mean what's a four year old going to do with weights? Plus, surely she would forget.  However, every time I asked what she wanted she would say the same thing.  "Dos tings at da store", while making a picking up weights motions with her arms.

So, last night Andy and I went to Target to get her some birthday presents.  We found a few things, we thought she might find fun.  As we were about to check out, I mentioned to Andy about what Lana had been asking for, just to have a laugh about it.  Instead, Andy decided we were buying her the weights.  Target didn't have the pink ones, so we headed to the Sports Authority where they did still have those small pink weights.

This morning, she opened all her presents and was generally happy with everything she got.  Then Sonya handed her the package with the weights.

"Wow dis one is HEAVY!" She said.  Well, two pounds is about 7% of her body weight.

She ripped off the paper, her eyes got big and she exclaimed, "Dis is just what I WANTED!!" Then she immediately started lifting them.

I'm not sure how often she will actually use them, but for six bucks, we totally made her birthday.  Plus, look at us!  We are helping to fight childhood obesity, by starting our kids working out early.  Michelle Obama would be so proud!

Happy Birthday Lana Lu!  Thanks for making our family more interesting.


Moomser said...

Happy Birthday Lana! Weights. Who'd have thunk it?!

The Screwer Upper said...

I love that little lady. She is such an individual. xoxo

Hollyhome said...

Tell Lana that I wear that SAME dress to the gym when I work out :) Happy 4th Baby Girl !