Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking For a Bit of Irish Luck

Sonya has a very overactive imagination.  This is good in a lot of ways.  Including the fact that it keeps her believing in things like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny wholeheartedly.  I'm not ready for her to not believe in things like that at six, even if some kids her age don't.  However, she does seem to take it up a notch when she comes home and tells me things like, "I saw a REAL LIVE FAIRY today!!"  Really?  Then there was last Tuesday when she came running up to the car after school yelling,

"Mommy, mommy!  Kimberly  and Charlotte saw a Leprechaun!!  I want to go home and see if I can catch one!"  

Oh boy.  Well, I guess it is almost St. Patrick's day, so perhaps those little guys are running around her school.  Hey-who am I to burst her bubble that there are no such things?

We went home and she did her homework and practiced her violin at a rapid pace.  Then she asked if she could go outside and try to catch  a Leprechaun.  Sure-good luck!  She found her extra backpack and decided that it was the perfect device to trap one.  Then she headed outside by herself on a Leprechaun hunt, while her sisters napped.  

I was in the kitchen cooking or cleaning.  Probably both, since that is what I spend half my day doing.  Sonya came bursting in the back door.

"I forgot!  Charlotte said you need root beer to trap a Leprechaun.  Do we have root beer?"

"Um, no," I said.

"Oh," she said sounding disappointed.  "How about Coke?"

"Nope." We don't usually have a lot of soda in our house.

"Juice box?" She asked hopefully.

"I don't think so honey, sorry."

"Fine," she said.  "I'll just go out to the refrigerator in the garage and get a water," she said defeated.  

I heard her out in the garage and then walk back in a minute later.  She had a big smile on her face and she excitedly held up a can in her hand.  

"I found THIS!  THIS will work!"

In her hand she held a can of Miller Lite.  We don't usually have soda, but we almost always have beer.

"Sonya, I don't think...Never mind.  Fine. Take it... just don't open it."

"Oh no, I won't!  I'm going to leave it by the back gate and the Leprechaun can open it when he finds it," she said and bounded out the door.  

Huh.  Maybe she will catch a Leprechaun after all.  Beer is probably the right bait, he is Irish after all.    Although, she might have better luck with a can of Guinness.


The Screwer Upper said...

:dying laughing:

Love that girl.

Meg Drew said...

did you have Andy go out and open it up later and take a swig and leave a note and a gold coin for her??

Kristi said...

OMG Megan! That would have been a GREAT idea! I wish we would have thought of it. Damnit!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Dublin's closed down. You could've taken her there to catch a leprechaun.

I have to say I'm super impressed by her reasoning skills to realize the Miller Lite would work. You're teaching her well!

Selena said...

Hahahaha. I live in Syracuse NY and St. Patrick's day has always been a big deal here as we have a giant Irish community. I remember as a kid coming home from the St Patty's Parade (pretty much the biggest event of the year around here) and hunting Leprechauns. I have to say, I never thought to use beer! And there was always plenty of the St. Patty's parade.

Sounds like she's got it figured out.