Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Plain Gross

Okay, there's something that Georgia does that I haven't mentioned on here, because I find it strange and well, kinda gross.  Actually, it's not something she DOES, but more something she says.   I guess I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had their kids say something similar at some point, or is my girl just a little wacky?  

Ever since she starting pooping in the potty, almost a year ago, Georgia has always wanted to get off the potty, look at the poop, and flush the toilet herself.  Now I know this is not unusual.  I think most kids like to do this.  However, most times when she looks in the toilet and sees what she created, she will look up at me and say,

"YUCK!  I don't wan to EAT DAT!"  Sometimes, "I don't wan to have dat for bweckfast!"


I don't know where she got it from or why she even THINKS of the poop in that way.  I mean on the one hand it's good she thinks it's gross, but on the other hand, why would she even THINK about eating it at all?! Sometimes she will also say it when the cat throws up.

"YUCK!  Jazzy frowed up!  You don wan to eat DAT!"

No.  No I don't Georgia.  Why would you even consider it to be an option?

She can't be the ONLY kid who's ever said something like this, can she?

Feel free to comment.


Carri said...

HAHAHA That is too cute! I always wonder where my son comes up with some stuff.

The Screwer Upper said...

Maybe she thinks someone else in your house might be thinking of partaking and this is her way of putting the kabash on it! She is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I've never experienced that! If I had, then I probably would've encouraged her by saying it looked like a Baby Ruth or something...

Selena said...

Two thoughts. One is simply that she associates things that are gross with things she "don want to eat" and the other is that she learned that poop (and kitty puke) is the end result of already eaten food and is just trying to make the connection.

Either way it's prety funny. Be thankful she isn't thinking it looks delicious.

Meg Drew said...

Her cousin, Lucy, does the same thing every time she poops she says " You do not touch your poop, you do not eat your poop" ummmm...... right, you don't do anything with your poop except flush it, thanks Lucy for clarifying that for me.

Wendy said...

Colby has totally said stuff like that. I was surprised when he did and just simply confirmed, "um, yeh, definitely we don't eat that."