Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Pair of Double HI-C's

A couple years ago I posted this blog about how Lana thought boobs worked.  Turns out, even almost two years older, she is still thinking along these same lines.  Here's how the conversation went the other day in the shower. (To those of you who get uncomfortable at the word boob, this post is chock full of boobs!-you've been forewarned.  Then again, did you just start reading this blog?)

Georgia,  pointing to my boob-"What's dat?" 

Me- "That's my boobie."

Sonya-"Yeah that's where she fed us when we were babies.  That's where the milk comes from."

Lana-"What milk?"

Me- "The milk that mommies feed their babies.  The boobies make milk so babies can eat.  Someday your boobies will get bigger to." 

Sonya- "Do you still have milk?"

Me- "No, when the babies stop getting the milk from the boobs, it goes away-(and leaves you with these lovely saggy mom boobs.  Thanks girls!)

At this point Lana looks from one of my boobs to the other sizing them up and thinking. Then she points to each one and asks,

"Which one of dem has da juice?"

She is going to be soooo disappointed in nursing.


Chrissy Ward said...

Oh my gosh Kristi! I think I just peed a little! That one was just freakin hilarious! Keep them coming...Love reading about the girls! Chrissy Lloyd-Ward

Hollyhome said...

LMAO...Love it...G was convinced that AJ was getting chocolate milk...that was so hard to I gave up! But Juice...that's just thinking outside the box!

Selena said...


Lila told me that when she grows up, she wants her boobs to have strawberry milk because kids like that better than regular milk...