Friday, November 12, 2010

A Reminder

One day last week I was feeling particularly guilty about my bad mom behavior.  The little girls were down for a nap, I was in the kitchen cleaning up (this is what I spend 95% of my day doing), and Sonya was coloring in the living room.  I started thinking about how I yell at the girls sometimes, get frustrated with them, and don't always the find time to play with them.  I began to feel terrible about the way I was doing my job as a mom.  So I said to Sonya from the kitchen,

"Sonya, I'm sorry that I'm not such a great mom sometimes."

Without missing a beat she said,

"You're an AWESOME mom!!"

That response caught me completely off guard, because I honestly expected her to say something like, "that's okay".  I started to tear up.  I really wasn't fishing for a compliment or validation but she gave it to me anyway.   That is why even though there are times, MANY times, the girls make me want to tear my hair out, hop a flight to Hawaii or down a bottle glass of wine during the day, there are moments like that one with Sonya that make it all worth it.  No matter how much I complain, become frustrated or annoyed, there are times where I'm joyful, proud and awestruck.  I have never for a moment regretted my decision to take this job six years ago today.  Hearing how awesome I am from my daughter makes it all worth it a million times over.

Happy 6th Birthday Sonya!  Thank you for making me what I am today.  An awesome (if sometimes temperamental) mommy.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard a similiar commentary on your excellent mothering skills from the sole male in your home as well. : )