Friday, November 5, 2010

No Fly Zone

A few weeks ago, Georgia decided that she is now afraid of airplanes flying overhead.  This would be all find and good if we didn't live ONE MILE from the airport!!

For those of you who haven't been to my house, the planes from the Burbank airport take off right over us.  Sometimes they land in our direction, if it's windy, which makes them way louder and much closer.  Let's just say I wouldn't go sunbathing topless in my backyard.  Well, that and my boobs have never seen the light of day, so they might get a little sunburned.  The good thing is, because the Burbank Airport is so small, there aren't that many planes that fly over.  Still, when they do and you're outside, you have to stop talking for a minute before continuing any conversations. 

 My girls have all grown up with this, so why NOW does Georgia decide she is afraid of the planes?  I have no idea.  For a while I couldn't get her to go outside and play with her sisters at all.  This sucked, because sending them outside allows for me to nap clean without being bothered.  It would be okay if she was inside playing by herself I suppose.  It never happens that way.   The other two get wind of the fact that Georgia is inside playing and decide they want to come inside too thus ending my peaceful nap cleaning.  

She does seem to be getting over it a bit.  Now she will go outside to play and when a plane flies over she just runs inside yelling,

"I fraid of da panes! I fraid of da panes!"

Then when it's gone she goes back outside.  Until the next one comes by.  Usually they fly around the hour or half our mark in twos or threes.  So at least I have twenty minute intervals of her being outside, which is enough for a small nap, um... amount of cleaning. 

Unfortunately for Georgia this is just one of those fears she's going to just have to get over, because we aren't moving anytime soon and, last I checked, the airport wasn't either.  

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