Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Easy Street

A couple weeks ago Andy posted this article on his Facebook page.  After reading it I posted it on mine, because I honestly couldn't believe how clueless this girl was.  If you haven't read it yet, go and read it now.  It'll only take a minute.  I'll wait.  


I KNOW, right!?! What the HELL!?  I love the part where she says, "I'm feeling like the kid is an excuse to relax and enjoy".  Are you effing kidding me, woman??  Yeah, sure I relax and enjoy.  Every night I get to relax and enjoy around 9:30-10pm, when I finish cleaning up after dinner.  Then I get to sit and watch something I've DVR'd while folding three loads of laundry.  I guess she is right.  That is relaxation. 

I can't help to think of this article now everytime I'm in the middle of craziness with the girls.  Like today at the grocery store. The trip today was a total nightmare.  So, for that woman in the article and anyone else out there who doesn't have kids and thinks the same way, here ya go. 

I had a few thing to get at the store today.  Not a big trip, but at least a 30-40 minute trip if I was alone.  Since I had my youngest two with me, instead it took an hour and a half.  Why?  Well there were the countless fight to break up, separating them a few times, running after  them when I thought it would be better to let one out of the cart for a while, getting out snacks, throwing away wrappers from snacks, getting out more snacks,  stopping them from fighting over snacks, keeping them from eating apples, pears or ONIONS that are just aching to be grabbed by little hands, wrapping back up the roll of plastic bags in the produce department that Georgia unravaled like toilet paper, inspecting Lana's eye after she nearly poked it out with a pen she was fighting over with her sister, taking Lana to the bathroom (even though she had gone ten minutes before), stopping at the lobster tank to see the lobsters which weren't there, explaining why the lobsters weren't there for the next five minutes,  taking away the package of M&M's Georgia wanted to hold but was trying to open with her teeth, trying to calm her down from me taking away the M&M's, putting back items on the shelf that we didn't need, but one of the girls thought we did, and breaking up more fights.  All this while I'm trying to pay attention to a list of groceries I need to find and put in my cart.  Soooo... yeah.  

I will say that the response to the woman's question that Carolyn Hax wrote back was awesome.  SHE obviously has her own kids.  Believe me, I know this is a choice that I made and I don't regret it.  It is just frustrating when someone like that thinks what you do is nothing because they don't get it, since they don't have their own kids.  And mind you, I'm not bashing on all people who don't have kids.  I have a lot of friends who don't have kids, and they get it.  They understand how hard it is and would NEVER pose a question like this.  However, for those out there who don't understand what we stay at home moms do all day, and side with that woman, here is a challenge.  Find a relative or friend, who does have a couple kids, and tell them you want to take them off their hands for a day.  And by a day I mean a full 24 hours.  Don't worry, even if they drop their kids on your doorstep and run, they will come back.  Then go and do all those errands that you do by yourself.  The grocery store, Target, Wall Mart, Post Office, wherever, with the kids.   All the while keeping them fed, rested, entertained, clean, and in one piece.   Then you get back to me and let me know when you "relaxed and enjoyed."


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Megan said...

I agree, that woman should keep her "snit" out of it! ;)

Carri said...

That woman is totally delusional! I mean, yeah... sometimes I DO relax, and that's when I've had it up to here and decide to just ignore all tantrums for the rest of the day.

PinkPolkaDots said...

Omg, I stumbled upon your blog tonight and love how you write, and what you write! I am a mum of 2 girls and a boy due any day now. I constantly have friends and even my husband sometimes wonder what I do everyday... Don't I get bored having coffee and catching up with my friends all the time? Yeah somedays I wish! I LOVE being a mum and am constantly amazed by my kids, I don't want to miss a minute of it... That is until I need to take a shower or go to the toilet by myself without someone climbing on something and hurting themselves or finding scissors to cut their own hair and anything in site that will be cut! The thing I find most annoying (like I am beating my head against the wall) is don't these people see how little time you /we mums get when we do catch up with them either on the phone or in person? Can't they tell by the constant "mummy watch me" or "mummy can I have" or by the distraction of ensuring our kids don't fall of a chair or spill their drink on the sofa? Do they think that all stops when we aren't trying to have our own relationships? All I can say is I think mums have the hardest and most rewarding job in the world and I am very blessed to be one. If you don't understand or need more than I can give - I can't be your friend. Luckily I have great friends who get it.