Saturday, May 1, 2010

Living on Bread Alone

A few nights ago I made the girls leftover Chicken Parmesan, pasta with a little Parmesan cheese on top, and veggies for dinner. I also gave them a piece of garlic bread, which I usually wait to give them until they eat some of their food, but for some reason I didn't this time. Call it a memory lapse or being distracted while on the phone with one of my sisters. Whatever. The girls sat down, I gave them their plates of food, and I went to the living room to start the nightly ritual of shoveling out all the toys. After about two minutes Lana got down from her chair and wandered into the living room where she announced,

"I done."

"You're done eating?" I asked.

"Yeah, I all done," she told me again.

"Did you eat ANYTHING?" I questioned her.

"Yeah!" She told me very matter of factly. "I ate cheese and gawlic bwead. Soooo, I all done!"

I started to march her back to her seat to begin my argument with her about eating, when I decided I just didn't feel like it that night. Screw it. Instead I let her go to take her bath. I mean the way I look at it, she had her grains in the bread and her dairy in the cheese, and can't garlic be considered a veggie? It does grow in the ground and all.

I'm not so sure this is what Jaime Oliver had in mind when he started his Food Revolution.

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