Friday, April 23, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Most of you who know me and my family know Baseball Season is a main season in our house. Just like Spring or Summer. This is all due to Andy who was raised a Red Sox fan since conception. I never really thought much about baseball, let alone the Red Sox, until I went to college in Boston. Then I didn't have a choice but to become a baseball fan, and especially a Red Sox fan. All my friends were fans and I loved going to the games. Since I had no allegiance to any other team, I was more than willing to cheer for the Sox. Even though at the time they were carrying the burden of not having won a World Series since 1918, I didn't mind, because I've always loved an underdog. I even lived right down the street from Fenway Park during my Senior year. Melissa and I could see half the park from the roof of our building. It was fantastic! Anyway, I knew that once Andy and I had kids, baseball and the Red Sox would become a part of their lives too. Well, at least we would push them in that direction.

We have the baseball package on our Direct TV in order to watch all the Red Sox games, since we live all the way across the country. I try to remember to turn the games on every day so the girls see it and learn it to gain some interest. Since it's only the beginning of the season, it takes me a couple weeks to remember at 4pm to turn the game on, but the past couple days I finally started to. The girls don't really sit and watch it, but it's background and they can start to get the idea. This is the reason I enjoy watching football now, because I remember it being on when I was a kid. Sometimes it was a good game and sometimes my dad would yell at the TV, stomp out of the house in anger, and take the dog for a walk to cool down. Ah memories! I love the passion sports can produce in people. So I think it's the same kind of thing. It will get into their memories and eventually it'll be an interest they will choose themselves. This is the working theory anyway.

Sonya and Lana have been through a few baseball seasons now and recognize it when it's on. They know who the Red Sox are and even know a few players. G, however, was just a baby last year and didn't quite have the retention yet. At least that's what I though. Last night was only the second night I remembered to turn the game on to watch. Sonya and Lana were in their room cleaning, and Georgia was sitting next to me on the couch clutching her blankie and sucking her thumb. Her eyes were fixated on the TV and I looked at her and said,

"Georgia, what is that on TV?" I was sure she wouldn't know the answer. Then without missing a beat, thumb still in her mouth she looked at me and said,


I was stunned. So, it looks like things are going better to plan than I expected! If only potty training was this easy.

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brenda said...

Yes! I've got Brigid to say "bawl game". Go Sox!