Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls Behaving Badly

Yesterday I broke down and decided to call the Doctor for myself. I've been feeling crappy, but mostly I was tired of getting only three hours of sleep every night. I was spending the rest of the night coughing up my left lung. Or my right. Who can tell, really?

My regular physician had no appointment times, but the nice receptionist found me an appointment with another doctor at 1pm. This was not exactly the best time for me, but I had to take what I could get. Since it was a last minute appointment, the girls had to come with me, because I had nobody to watch them. Oh, and it was in the middle of Lana and GG's nap time. I was hoping for something fun like this to happen! Then I could write about it on here!

I explained to them all, when I picked Sonya up from school, that we were going to the doctor's for Mommy and everyone was to be on their VERY best behavior. I told them if they were really good, they would get a treat later. Perhaps a popsicle when they played outside in the afternoon. They all agreed they were going to be very good and listen to me. Well, Sonya and Lana promised. Georgia would go along with whatever the other two were doing. I reminded them and gave them this speech again on the way to the doctor's and then on our way up in the elevator. They once again swore they would be extra good.

We walked into the waiting room and, thankfully, there was nobody else there. I checked in, and the girls found chairs to sit on. Then they decided to see what was in my backpack to keep them busy. Sonya and Lana found something to color and Georgia occupied herself with some shiny Mardi-Gras type beads. They were all quiet and behaving nicely. Then Lana decided she needed to pee-pee RIGHT NOW! We quickly packed everything up and the receptionist pointed us in the direction of the rest room. When we came out there was a nurse waiting to take me to a room. She led us to a bigger room to accommodate my stroller and even got an extra chair so the girls could all sit. She kept commenting on how cute and sweet they were. And they were. They were being extremely pleasant... at that moment.

After the nurse took my blood pressure, and my reason for the visit, she left while telling me the doctor would be in shortly. I praised the girls on how great they were acting and told them to keep it up. I took out some snacks to make sure we got through the rest of the appointment quietly.

Then the doctor walked in.

My quiet sweet girls immediatly left the room and were replaced with screaming, rambunctious demon children. I really have no idea what happened. One minute they were sitting there calmly eating their goldfish, and the next they were fighting over the bag and who was sitting where on the chairs. At one point Lana screamed. Piercingly loud. Meanwhile, I'm trying to referee them while telling the nice doctor lady how I couldn't sleep because of my cough. She just gave me a look, that said maybe it was more than the cough keeping me up. I apologized a few times for them, but she didn't seem too bothered by it. I, however, was a bit mortified by how my children were acting. Then, as she was leaving the room to write me a couple prescriptions, she looked around and said,

"Maybe we can find a plastic glove to blow up and entertain them with." Which pretty much translates to- "Wow! Your kids are bad!"

No, no, don't worry, because I'm going to entertain them with my mad mommy face and hushed can't-really-yell-in-here mad mommy voice. Oh and the promise of no treats. If that doesn't work, I'll take away Christmas. So after the door was closed that's just what I did. I told them how badly they were behaving and that there would be no popsicle if this didn't stop RIGHT NOW. They all looked at me wide eyed and innocent, like they had no idea they were doing wrong. Then Sonya said,

"But this is booooring!"

"I understand that, and I don't want to be here either, but we have to be so PLEASE! Just behave for five more minutes," I asked.

They did manage to redeem themselves when the doctor walked back in to give me my prescriptions. They sat and didn't fight or argue. Even if it was only for a couple minutes this time. The good news is that doctor was not my normal doctor and I most likely won't ever have to see her again. This way she can't think of me as the patient with those, "out of control kids." Hopefully, that's not the kind of thing they write down in your chart, otherwise I am SO screwed.

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Megan said...

I am SURE I have seen worse and I just talk above the screaming children and ignore them like they aren't driving me up a wall...I always figure, no matter how much they are annoying me, the mom is probably 50 times more annoyed and trying to keep her cool. No worries.. I am sure the doc has seen worse. Hope you are feeling better!