Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bucket O' Money

Now that everyone in my house is almost completely healthy, I of course, started to get sick on Friday. I had no time to be sick.

Saturday, Sonya had a school carnival, and I had volunteered weeks ago to work one of the game booths for a couple hours. Even though I wasn't feeling my best, off we went for fun and games. I was actually not feeling that badly most of the day. Andy was there with the little girls for a bit, then took them home for a nap. Sonya stayed with me, to play more games and help me with the booth. After I was done we walked around a bit more. I bought some tickets to try and win a few things they were giving away. I'll just tell you right here. I have ZERO luck. I never win in Vegas, unless it's winning money I've already lost. Unlike my friend Melissa who wins EVERY TIME she goes. I'm not even kidding about that. Even though I've bought tickets for raffles and such throughout my life, I've never been the lucky recipient. I can't even win office Super Bowl pools. Okay there was the one time I won tickets to a Poison concert on the radio when I was fifteen. That was 20 years ago, though. So when I was buying the tickets for the raffles, I just looked at it as more money I was contributing to support the school.

Sonya finished playing the games. When she did, she got a special prize for playing them all and a ticket to put into a raffle to win either a Nintendo DS or a Bucket o' Money. We opted for the money, since my kids have NO idea what a Nintendo DS is, and that's just fine by me for now. We left as the carnival was winding down and they were starting to call out the names of those who had won the prizes. I was sure Dadekian wouldn't be one of those names, so we headed home.

Yesterday I was talking to one of the other mom's, who has a kid in Sonya's class, and she asked me if we won anything. Of course we had not. Her kid had won lunch with their teacher, which was one of the raffles I tried for. Oh well! Better luck next time.

Then this morning around 9:30 my phone rang. I was changing G's diaper and just assumed it was one of my sister's, and I figured I'd call them back. I grabbed the phone, when I was done, and called my voice mail. I was completely surprised to hear the voice of a woman, I didn't recognize, informing me I had WON THE BUCKET O' MONEY!! I WON! Or Sonya had. Not sure which now. I mean it was because of her playing the games we got into the raffle, but it was my money that bought the tickets to play the games. No matter. We were getting a BUCKET O' MONEY!! I made arrangements with the lovely woman, and asked if she knew just how much was in a Bucket o' Money. She told me $100. Okay so it wasn't the 25 grand I was hoping for, but still! I actually WON SOMETHING. Or Sonya and I did. Either way. BUCKET O' MONEY!!

I stopped to claim my prize before I picked up Sonya from school. When we were walking back to the car I told her I had a surprise. I opened the door to the car and she saw Lana holding the bucket. She gasped, threw her hand over her mouth and said,

"Mom WE WON!!"

"I KNOW!" I yelled back.

Then she said to me, "I've never won ANYTHING!"

"Me Either!" I told her.

So I guess we both kinda won. I figured we could all do something fun together this weekend, since my birthday is on Sunday. Maybe some mini golf or bowling followed by a meal out. Who knows if $100 will even cover that, but at least it'll pay for most of it. As far as I'm concerned won money should be spent having fun. Well, when it's not 25 grand anyway. It almost makes up for the two weeks of sickness we've had to deal with. Almost.



Jubesca said...

Umm.. I do not win that much!! One time I won $2500 on a .50 cent slot machine (thank you wheel o fortune), and once $650 on a $20 that I threw in. But thats it.. really! FINE.. I was up $350 on roulette once and there was that Superbowl pool that I split $5500 -3 ways. and I have won the academy award office pool 2/3 x THATS IT THOUGH!!! OH I did win $300 in a raffle once.

Anonymous said...

Yay for money. But ohhhh, Me likey your new "do"!!


Kristi said...

Riss-you can suck it.
Thanks BethAnnDoddKoehn

Tim Taylor said...

Kristi, you have always been the lucky one in the Taylor family! When you were a kid, you won several raffles and things, and you found money on the train one time! You have certainly won more in your lifetime than either of your sisters! Enjoy!


Kristi said...

Well,that may have been true when I was younger, but it certainly isn't the case now. And finding money that we gave back is not the same thing as winning it.