Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Caroling

So I thought that before the holidays were over, I should share with you my daughters' takes on Christmas songs.  All kids sing the wrong words to most songs, and damn if it isn't the funniest thing ever.  Here are a few of the songs that have been sung in my house over the past few weeks.  

Lana LOVES to sing, "All I want for Christmas is my two bon deet, my two bon deet oh my two bon deet!"  Don't ask me what bon deets are but perhaps, "sister soozie sitting on a missile" would know.  

Sonya has been the biggest butcher of words this year, mostly because she's the one who sings the most and the loudest for all to hear.  I have NO idea where that comes from.  For the past two years she's sung songs like "We wish you WERE Merry Christmas".  I wish people could be Merry Christmas too now that I think of it.  Then there's Jingle Bells.  Let's be honest-who hasn't thought it was a "one horse soap and sleigh"?  I'm pretty sure I thought those were the words until at least 19.  I'm not kidding.  Sonya sings it this way, of course, but my favorite part about that song is when she sings, "Bells on cocktail ring".  Guess I need to put down the martini glass after the holidays. 

I think my ultimate favorite mix up she's sung this year is to "Deck the Halls".  Instead of "Donning her gay apparel", she sings, "now we know our day apparel!"  Which if she understood the word apparel would kinda make sense, but I'm pretty sure she has no idea what apparel is.  

Georgia is too little to mess up the words, since she's still working on just saying the words.  However, one of the cutest things she does is dance around and sing her best to the song "Misfit" from the Rudolph special.  We have this little toy with Hermie the elf, and when you push the button he sings, "I am not just a misfit...".  Georgia loves to walk over there, push the button and sing the song as best she can.  "I no mi-fi!  See bum bum!"  Not sure about the last words, but she's proud of herself, and she's so happy when she gets to sing it.  (Oh and as a side note, yes I did say she was walking.  FINALLY!  She made it before the 18 month mark, which was Monday.  Let the games begin!)

After New Year's we will work on putting away all the Christmas decorations and CDs.  This always makes me a bit sad, even though I'm ready to do it by then.  At least I can I look forward to next year to see which songs Sonya will finally figure out, and which ones Lana and Georgia will pick to butcher.  

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope it's a happy and safe one.


Donna said...

Hi Kristi this is so funny and adorable....what an idea. I laughed the whole time. It is funny and so honest. I love, love, love it and will read as you blog. I have to send to Rich and Michelle they will be hysterical. GREAT IDEA.....can you go on UTUBE and say all of this? I've seen so many UTUBE videos that have become popular enough to get noticed and then they are famous! Can't wait to read more...Love you so much. Kiss those little angels. You are beautiful little cousin. You look so much like your Mom. Everyone sends their love. Donna

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