Monday, December 7, 2009

Self Esteem

Sonya  started reading before she went to kindergarten, but her writing didn't really start until after.  She had written a few letters here and there, but it wasn't until she started school that the words started to appear.  She likes to write words all the time now, and is always asking for paper to draw and write on.  Yesterday, she found one of my notepads that I make all my lists on, because yes, I'm a lists type of person.   After I got out of the shower yesterday, she brought back a piece of the paper, gave it to me folded and inside she had written:

"I Love Mom."

 Awwwwww...I know that's what I thought.  She had drawn me a little picture as well.  I thought I was special.  Then about an hour later I found 8 more of those pieces of paper on the kitchen counter, each with an "I love____" on them.  There was one for Daddy, GG, Lana, and her friends Lourdes, Gwen and Elias.  Turns out I wasn't so special after all.  Then I found the one that made me laugh out loud.  It read:

"I Love Myself." 

I guess that's good parenting though, right?  I mean we've taught her to love her family and friends, but also to love herself as well.  Don't we always hear that you have to love yourself first, before loving anyone else?  I guess she's got that covered. 


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