Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Last week, this is what Sonya said to me about all the holidays over the past few months;

"I love this time of the year!" she told me.

"You do, why?" I asked.

"Because you know, Halloween is fun and all because you get lots of candy, but your mother doesn't let you eat it all.  Then there's Thanksgiving, but all there is on that day is FOOD!" At this point she's exasperated and totally rolling her eyes with a "who cares" look on her face.  "Then it's Christmas! And that's the best because you get LOTS of presents to open and toys and if you're good your mother might even let you PLAY with one!!"

First of all, I love the way she referred to me as "your mother".  She did it in such a way, so it seemed like she wasn't talking about me, necessarily, but all mothers.  Let's be honest, it's me.  No I did not let her eat all of her Halloween candy, and yes I talked up Thanksgiving to them and there was only FOOD.  But for the record, I will most certainly let them play with at least one of their presents on Christmas.  I'm not totally heartless.

Secondly, if you had any doubt what holiday was every child's favorite, I think we've answered it here.  What she hasn't realized yet, is that Christmas combines all of those three.  Presents, candy, and FOOD!   Once she figures that out there will certainly be no question.  

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