Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On Monday night, Andy got home just in time to rile the girls up before they went to sleep.  Yay. I guess it's okay since he's going away for a few days.  After they finally settled down and tried to go to sleep, WAY past their bedtime, Lana kept calling me in her room to give her "cuddies".  This means covers.  She throws off her covers and then wants me to come in and cover her back up.  It's a game she likes to play when she doesn't want to go to sleep yet.  Sometimes she'll call me in there ten times in a night.  I don't always go, because I do know it's a ploy, but then she'll start to yell and Sonya can't sleep, so most of the time I appease her.  She's actually gotten better about it lately, and doesn't ask for it as much.  

Monday night, however, since she was still excited from Daddy being home, I was getting the call a few times.  After about the third time I hear her yell for me, I  ignore her.  

"Mom?!" she called.  I didn't answer.  I'd already been in there twice and I didn't want to continue the game.  

"MOM?!"  She yelled again.  Nothing.

"MMMOOOOMMM!!"  She yelled, sounding more worried this time.  So I finally answered her.

"What, Lana?"  I gave in, expecting to hear the usual, "I need cuddies."  But instead she said,

"Oh.  Just checking."  I looked at Andy sitting on the couch, and the two of us quietly laughed together.  We didn't hear from her for the rest of the night.  

I'm not sure what she thought.  Perhaps she thought I ran away or  went to the neighborhood bar for a drink?  Actually,  some days that wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities, so I suppose it's a good thing she's checking up on me.

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