Monday, October 26, 2009

Treasure Chest

I don't believe I've mentioned Lana's "treasures" before.  If I have, it might have been in passing, but I haven't dedicated a whole post and trust me, it needs a whole post.  So here it is.

Lana has treasures, many of them, and different ones every week.  Anyone who has been to my house for a period of time has seen it.  By this I mean she chooses something to be obsessed with and carry around with her for a few days to a week.   Marbles, small magnets, costume jewelery, coins, rose petals, DEAD LEAVES are just a few things she has collected in the past.  Yes, she will collect just about anything.  Usually, she will chose one of the thousand purses the girls have, and put her weekly treasure in there.  After that it goes everywhere with her, the car, the crib for naps and bedtime,  and the couch to watch Mickey.  Heaven forbid she doesn't have it or can't find it.  Then we have a catastrophe,

"My mawbals!!  I can't find my mawbaaaaaalllllsss!!"

I have to spend ten minutes searching the house, for whatever purse she's using this week to put her "mawbals" in.  I assure you it's more fun than anyone can handle.  The good thing is after about a week, sometimes more sometimes less, she gets over it and abandons whatever she was into for that period of time.  That treasure can come back around later on.  The marbles have been in rotation for a while now, which is fantastic when you have a 16 month old baby crawling around, who puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  

I think the grossest thing she ever deemed treasure worthy, were these gel window clings we had for Easter decorations last year.  They got so nasty, because they were gel and they clung to the window easily.  Take them off the window and carry them around and everything clings to them, including cat hair and cheerios.  Yeah, they were gross and full of disease for sure. Plus, because they were so sticky they stuck to each other and ended up in a big gooey, cat hair filled ball.  After a couple days I had to throw them away, and pray that she didn't ask for them again. When she did I gave her a lollipop to distract her.  

This past Sunday night I was cooking dinner outside on the grill and she and Georgia were out there playing.  We have a bunch of chalk  for Lana and Sonya to draw on the patio with, and for some reason Lana decided to dump it all out on the ground.  There are huge pieces and then the small regular size pieces.  She took all the smaller ones and put them in a little beach bucket.  When we all went inside for dinner, so did the bucket of chalk.  Lana put it on her place mat and climbed into her chair for dinner.  Andy took one look at the bucket and said, 

"Lana we do not put the bucket of chalk on the table during dinner.  You need to put it on the floor."

She looked at her bucket for a minute, protested slightly, but then took it off the table.  We all had a lovely dinner.  And I don't say that lightly, because dinner with the three of them is usually far from lovely.  After dinner we were getting them out of their seats to head to the bath and Lana picked up her bucket of chalk.  Andy and I looked at each other, trying to figure out who was going to tell her and he took the lead.

"Oooohhh No!" He started.  "This is NOT going to be the new thing you carry around.   Forget it!  Put it back outside right now."  

Lana looked at the bucket in her hands, then over at me for help or confirmation on what Daddy said.  

"Lana that bucket is too dirty to have inside, and the chalk is to play with outside.  You need to put it back." I had agreed with Daddy.  NOW what was she going to do.  

She thought about it for a minute, looked at the two of us looking at her, realized we weren't backing down from this one, and reluctantly said,

"Oooookkaaayyy."  Then she walked over to the back door opened it and promptly dumped the whole bucket of chalk out on the top step.  I suppose that was her way of protesting, while still doing what we told her to.  I couldn't help but laugh, but I did make her clean it up and leave it outside.  

I guess there's worse things she could be doing.  Besides, in a way it's kinda fun to see what the treasure of the week will be.  This week it's coins in her ladybug purse.  Anyone want to guess what the treasure will be next week?  


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