Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car Cautious

I think I have made my girls overly cautious in parking lots.   Anytime we're in a parking lot, Sonya starts to freak out if she isn't holding on to me.  Even if we're standing RIGHT BESIDE the car.  Today I realized how bad it is with Lana too.

We were outside Sports Authority and parked right in the front.  I was putting Georgia in her car seat and Lana was standing next to me.  I told her to hop in the car, but she was taking her sweet time.  There was a Fed-Ex truck parked behind us and the guy came out of the store, got in his truck and started it up.  I'm sure you've all heard those trucks before and  know how loud they can be, especially if they're right behind you.  It was all Lana needed.  As soon as that truck started, she dove head first into the van and scrambled into her car seat yelling,

"Car gonna get me!"

After I assured her that the car was NOT going to get her, she calmed down and I buckled her into her seat.  

So, yeah, they're a little paranoid about cars in the parking lot, although I guess that's a good thing.  At least I don't have to worry about them trying to run across a parking lot, like my  nephew Zach has been known to attempt a few times.  I just hope they outgrow some of the paranoia.  A 20 year old parking right in front of a store solely to avoid a car "getting" her, is just not as cute.  

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