Friday, October 30, 2009

Moving Out

While I'd really like to sit here and give you all a nice long story about the girls, I only have a bit of time right now.  You see, my in-laws are here.  That means sometimes they take the girls out, which they just did.  That also means I want to spend some of my time doing, oh I don't know, NOTHING.  Even though I love to write this blog,  I also love to relax and since I NEVER get to to the latter, I thought I'd just give you a quick little story from Sonya last week, then hit the couch.

The girls had been outside playing when I called them in for dinner one night.  Sonya protested for a while, but finally came in.  When she sat in her seat and she saw whatever it was I was serving that she decided was "gross", she started to complain.  I told her to knock it off and just eat her dinner.  Her response to me was this,

"I can't take this home anymore!" She started.  "I want to go live on my own and have my own babies and rules charge to me!!"  Then she looked over at Lana and Georgia who were in the middle of whining, motioned to them and said, "And I'm sick of the whining and crying!"  Oh that's right, she never whines and cries, so she has every right to make that statement.   

After I asked her to repeat to me what she said and it came out the exact same way, I told her to let me know when she found an apartment.  

Now I'm off to lounge on my couch.  I can not remember the last time I did that in the middle of the day.  It might have been the '80s.  

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brenda said...

You deserve that couch time!