Monday, July 13, 2009

Milk-It Does a Body Good

I  just thought this was too funny not to share with you all, even though it doesn't take place when I was trying to do something by myself.  

The girls usually eat dinner before Andy and I do, because Andy gets home so late.  I'll make them food and then us something after they go to bed.  This is the reason I am done with my day so late, but it's the way things are for now.  I always give the girls milk at dinner.  It's the first thing Lana will have.  She'll suck down a glass of milk before I've even put the food in front of her.  Sonya, on the other hand, I have to bribe with a pony and a princess castle before she'll even put the cup to her lips.  She does NOT like milk.  This is interesting, because it's how Andy and my tastes are.  I love milk especially when accompanied by a Tasty cake or some other treat.  Andy will only drink milk in his cereal.  Period.  

I encourage Sonya to drink it by telling her how good it is for her and how it will help to make her big and strong.  She never seems impressed though and is always asking me, "How much more do I have to drink?"  Then she holds up the cup to show the half a millimeter she's put in her body.    She's never happy when my answer is "more."  

One evening they were eating their dinner, and Sonya and I started our routine of "how much" and "more".  She stopped and said to me "I know, I know I have to drink it, because the most important things in life are family, friends and milk."

"What?"  I asked, holding the dish I was washing in midair.  I wasn't sure I heard her right.  She repeated it, 

"The most important things in life are family, friends and milk."  

"Where did you hear that?"  I asked.

"Daddy," she replied.  "That's what he says."

"Really?" I asked.  This seemed hypocritical coming from a guy who hates milk.  Although I guess he would say that about family and friends.  Later on that night I told him the story and said that Sonya had accredited him with the saying, asking him if it was true.  He laughed and told me he did tell her that family and friends were the most important things.  She had apparently  added the milk part all on her own. 

 I guess some of what I tell her does get through if she's ranking milk as the 3rd most important thing in life.  Unfortunately, it hasn't helped her to drink it any more willingly and we still do our routine every night, but at least now I know she knows it's for a good reason.  I mean it is one of the most important things in life, well, right after family and friends.  


Anonymous said...

When she gets older, she can replace "milk" with "wine". At least, that is how I would view it!

brenda said...

Melinda, Uncle David might beat her to that feat!