Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Help Me Obi-Wan, You're My Only Hope!

Here's another little Sonya story for you.

Last week one morning at breakfast, Sonya asked me if I knew about Star Wars.  Um hello??  Do I know about Star Wars?  I'm the Star Wars generation!  It's only my favorite trilogy of all time!  Of course I'm talking about the original trilogy and not the recent ones.  I like to pretend those don't exist.  So I told her, of course and that they were my favorite movies.  She proceeded to tell me the boys at school play Star Wars all the time, and did I know there was a princess in that movie?  Yes, of course I know there was a princess in that movie.  I wanted to BE Princess Leia so badly when I was a kid.  I made my mom do my hair like hers EVERY DAY for school.  She got quite good at it after a while.  Two braided buns was definitely the look then.  

Sonya was rather intrigued with the whole movie that the boys loved so much, especially if there was a princess in it.  I told her sometime I'd let her watch them, but not right now.  That is for a couple of reasons.  I don't really think she'd get much out of it at four years old.  Plus she has a bit of a scaredy cat syndrome.  She won't even watch most Disney movies.  The Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid terrifies her and the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin freaks her out.  So I doubt we'll be able to get past some of the aliens and monsters in Star Wars.  Not to mention the fighting and death.  No, as much as I'm excited to show my kids those movies, they will have to wait a bit longer.  After I told her someday she'd watch them she left to get ready for school and that was the last I heard of it. 

Then yesterday morning it came back up again.  Only it wasn't so happy this time.  

"The boys at school are always playing Star Wars!" She said, angrily now.

"What's wrong with that Sonya?" I asked.

"I don't like it."


"I just don't."  Then she said something that I will pretend I never heard.  "I HATE Star Wars!!"  Followed by this, "I don't CARE if there IS a princess in it!!"  

I was a combination of horrified and amused.  I mean how could MY child not like Star Wars? Then I reminded myself that she hasn't even seen it, but those boys at school will give her a jaded view, damn them!  Then I just wanted to laugh, because she was perfectly fine with liking Star Wars originally when she learned there was a princess in it.  Unfortunately, the boys playing Star Wars at recess started to annoy her so much that she rejected her very favorite of all things.  Princesses.  

So on the one hand I say kudos to the boys at school for bringing the princesses down a notch in her book.  However, if you've ruined Star Wars for my daughter, someday I will pull out my own lightsaber and kick some ass.  


Tim Taylor said...

Kristi, might I remind you that you saw Star Wars the first time at the tender age of 4 or 5? About the same age Sonya is now. So what if she wants to watch it through her fingers? Your Mother still does that with some movies! Or maybe if you edit it just a bit to take out some of the more scary parts (your husband is, after all, a film editor, right)? Let her see Princess Leia for herself....

Kristi said...

Yeah only she says she doesn't want to watch it. Trust me Dad, she's way more scared than I ever was to watch movies. Lana will probably be ready at that age, but not her. Maybe I will show her some of it though. We'll see.