Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Force is Strong With This One

I had to tell you this next story, because it's a bit of a continuation of the last one.  

Thursday night I was giving the girls dinner and I decided to find out how things were going with Sonya and the boys at school, so I asked her.  

"Are the boys at school still paying Star Wars all the time, Sonya?"

She immediately brightened up and happily replied, "Nope!"

I found this odd so I asked her why not and she told me, "Because Liza and me told them not to."

Well, of course I had to have this clarified and I asked her a few follow up questions. She told me about her new friend Justin.  He decided he wanted to play with her and Liza one day. They were okay with that one condition. He had to stop playing Star Wars with all the other boys.  And, AND he had to tell ALL the other boys to stop playing Star Wars also.  According to my daughter he did both of those things.  

So my sweet little girl and her little friend have single handily put the kibosh on the boys at school playing something they loved.  See how young we start!  We girls just have this power over boys, even at the age of 4!  So I feel bad for the boys that they don't get to play their game anymore, but how stupid are they to listen to a girl they won't get to even THINK about dating for another 12 years.  At least by then she'll hopefully like Star Wars making this particular battle a moot one.

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