Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

Every year since I started this blog I have shared my Mother's Day "About My Mom" that the girls' have done at preschool.  This will be the final year I receive one of these and yes I've cried about five times over it.  So, one last time I share with you the adorableness of how old a four year old thinks their mom is, among other things.  

Not sure what to make of this one.  Should I be offended that she wants to get me make-up and eyelashes?  I'm all for the breakfast in bed though.  Still, I suppose my thinning eyelashes as I get older is really starting to show if Georgia notices it.  Damn.  

She did a pretty good job with this one.  Although I really only wear dresses for special occasions, like weddings.  Or Easter.  While I enjoy that she made me so young, it does mean that I legally can't have wine, so we should really talk about that one.  My girls have always known my favorite color.  I guess I did a good job getting that point across.  Again with the liking to eat fish!  Lana said the same thing last year.    Just because I make fish and make them eat it once a week, doesn't mean it's MY favorite food.  It just means I'm trying to instill healthy eating habits.  Trust me, I'd much rather eat cheeseburgers and pizza every day too.  

I love the this picture of us.  It is quite the likeness of me, no?  I am the purple one, of course, since it's my favorite color.  Orange is Georgia's favorite color.  Best picture ever.  Since this is the last time I will get these for Mother's Day, these pictures will be up in my kitchen until Georgia goes to college.

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