Monday, March 4, 2013

Sorry Isn't Always The Hardest Word

I found this when I was cleaning up the girls' room the other day:

This right here, this is the reason I had kids and the reason I had more than one.  It also makes me feel like I'm doing something right.  For those of you who can't read Lana's kid spelling it says, "I am sore (sorry) for putting the cuvrsz(covers) on yor (your) yonucorn(unicorn)"  

Now I don't remember this happening, the covers on the unicorn incident, but it must have been a thing, and they must have had quite a fight.  The girls fight every day, multiple times a day.  That gives those with only children a good case to keep to just the one.  Some days the fighting drives me to want to drink a bottle of Tequila.  I manage to refrain to just the one shot though.  However, no matter how mad the girls get at each other, or how much they might hurt each other, they always make up.  Sometimes even by drawing each other cute pictures and sorry notes like this.  This is a life skill only children don't learn as easily because they don't have the opportunity to.  

Even though I loathe the fighting,  I love that they know how to make up with each other.  Something I will give myself and Andy credit for teaching them.  It helped that we both grew up fighting and making up with our own siblings.  This picture gives us a point in the good parenting column.  

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