Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lana's Missing Tooth

Any of you who have a Mac computer most likely have Photo Booth.  For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can take pictures and videos of yourself while sitting in front of your computer camera.  It then saves it in the Photo Booth.  The fun part is, you can do all kinds of different effects that make you look silly.  Andy has been taking pictures with the girls in the Photo Booth using different effect for a while now.  They will take funny pictures and laugh about them. It's a fun rainy Saturday afternoon time waster. 

Then one day, about six months ago, one of the girls discovered that she could take video of herself.  It was on.  Anytime I allow them to turn on the computer, they will take little videos of themselves.  Last week, I actually watched some of these videos and most of them are hysterical.  I love watching them try so hard to act so silly.  I thought perhaps you would like to see a few of them too.  So every few posts I will give you a new video-produced, written, directed and starring one of the Dadekian girls.  It will be a surprise who it is.  

For this first one, I thought I'd give you a video Lana made the day after she lost her first tooth.  She was obsessed with losing it, as made evident by this video.  Yes, it looks there are two teeth missing, but it is only one.  HOWEVER, two days ago she did lose her second tooth, which is why I thought showing this video now would be relevant.  Sidenote: it's always interesting to hear what's going on in the background of these videos.  She made this one on the day that Georgia had her last migraine.  You may hear Sonya ask Georgia if she needs to throw up.  There are also a couple of other funny things that happen, but why don't I just let you see for yourself.  Enjoy!

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