Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Missing: One Bottom Tooth and (Almost) One Tooth Fairy

Friday evening was a bit exciting in our house, because look who lost her first tooth.

Andy had texted me last Sunday, when I was out with my girlfriends getting my hair done, that Lana had a loose tooth.  He said she was crazy excited after she discovered it.  Well, of course!  She's seen her older sister receive visits from the tooth fairy complete with notes and money for a couple years now.  What is there NOT to be excited about?  I assumed that since she had just discovered it, that we were in for a couple weeks of wiggling.  However, it must have been loose for a while and she just didn't realize it.  That thing was past a little loose when she showed me.  

Since I've pulled out almost all of Sonya's teeth thus far,  Lana wanted me to see if I could get hers to come out.  It wasn't quite there yet though.  It was really loose going forward, but not back.  I told her when it was loose both ways it would be ready.  The best thing for her to do was to keep wiggling it every day and eventually it would get there.  Every afternoon I would give it a tug when she asked, but it was still not ready.  Then Friday, after dinner she came to me and showed how much looser it was and asked if I thought it was ready now.  Since it was more or less hanging on by a piece of gum, I deemed it ready.  

I grabbed a "magic tissue" and with one quick yank, it was out and she was ecstatic.  We took pictures and sent them to the family.  We called daddy at work and told him the good news.  Sonya helped her write a note and draw a picture for the tooth fairy.  She was so excited she could barely get to sleep that night.  The tooth fairy has a had a break from our house for a bit, but she was ready to get back into action.  Too bad the tooth fairy doesn't always have the best memory in our house.  

Some of you may recall when this happened to Sonya a couple years ago.  The difference is, that was about her fourth tooth she lost, not her first.  Plus Lana is a middle child and they always seem to get shafted.  Don't hate me yet though.  Let me tell you what happened first.  Then you can send the hate mail. 

Friday night I started to get sick.  I'm not using that as an excuse, just as a reference to tell you where my mind was.  I don't get sick often and this felt like it might be a bad one.  So bad, I only had half a glass of wine and went to bed by 10pm that night.  There had been much hoopla about the lost tooth before Lana went to bed with both myself and Andy, but once she was in bed it was out of our heads.  I'm not the only one to blame here people.  He didn't remember either.  

Fast forward to 2am.  I awake to hear Lana calling for me from her room.  This is a nightly occurrence, not unusual at all.  What was unusual was her request when I came in there to see what was wrong.  Most of the time she wants to come lay in our bed.  Sometimes, she wants me to take Mercury off her bed.  That is his favorite place to sleep in the house and she doesn't always like him there, much to his dismay.  This time, however, she very groggily asked me to turn on her music.  She was so out of it, I had to ask her twice what she wanted because I couldn't understand her.  She was not awake really at all.  After I figured out what she was asking, I turned toward the CD player and that was when I saw it.  The tooth fairy note!  CRAP, DAMN, SHIT!!  We had forgotten!!  

I panicked for a moment, but then realized it was fine.  She hadn't noticed at all that everything was still there. Plus when she went back to sleep, she turned her back toward the note and tooth.  That would make it easier to take.

 After starting her music, I went back to my room to dig up two one dollar bills.  I think we gave Sonya $2 for the first tooth and $1 thereafter.  Who can remember?  But $2 seemed good.  The bigger problem I had was the note.  She had asked the tooth fairy questions and even wanted a picture, like I had done for Sonya one time.  Well the picture was out.  I couldn't get on the computer and do that right then.  That would be easy enough to explain.  I did have to respond to the note though.  The person who always writes the notes was the person snoozing in my bed.  Not for long.

"Andy!" I urgently whispered.  "Andy!"

"Hmmmm?"  He said.

"We forgot about Lana's tooth and the tooth fairy!"  I told him.  "You have to get up and write a note!"

"What?" He asked, completely out of it.

"You have to write a note!"  I said again. "It's Lana's first tooth!  She HAS to have a note!!!" 

I gave him a pad, pen and Lana's note and turned on a light in our room.  We both sat there in bed, squinting in the light, half asleep, trying to figure out how to respond to a tooth fairy note at 2:30 in the morning.  

He managed to write something, answering all her questions and even claiming that she(the tooth fairy) forgot her camera this time, but would be sure to bring it next time Lana lost a tooth.  Then I took the note and the $2, and placed them both on the shelf next to her bed.  I took the tooth from the little silver bear container and hid it in my nightstand.  Thankfully, she stayed asleep with her back to me the entire time.  


Soooo....yeeeaaahhhh.....We suck, again.  But we fixed it before Lana found out that we sucked.  If only there was an app that tracked when your kids' teeth came out.  Then it could send you a reminder before you go to bed to make sure you played tooth fairy.  I would never had this problem again if there were such a thing.  Apple-get on that!  

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Tim Taylor said...

There is an app for that! It's called "Calendar" and comes pre-installed on every Apple product. All you have to do is set a reminder with a time as soon as you yank out the tooth, and when it goes off at your bedtime, bingo - you remember! How the hell do you think I remember anything?