Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going Commando

My in-laws came for a visit last week and were here during the holiday weekend.  On Monday we decided to go visit my grandpa and new step grandma at their home in Burbank.  Meta, my new grandma, owns a home, not to far from where we live. It's in the hills or the fancier part of Burbank.  Plus she has a pool!  Grandpa scored!  I've been up there a few times with the girls this summer, but Andy hadn't been up there at all.   I figured it would give us something to do on the day off with his parents.  So Monday afternoon we went for a visit and a swim at Grandpa's place.

We usually don't stay too long when we're there.  Just long enough to get in the water and have the girls practice swimming again.  I don't want them to forget by next summer, so I plan to take them until it gets colder around here.  So, you know, Decemeber.  

After a while, Lana decided she was done swimming and sat on a chair wrapped in a towel to dry.  She told me she had to use the bathroom and I sent her off inside, because she knows where it is.  Funny sidenote, the first time we went to Meta's house in May, Lana stepped inside and took off, investigating the whole place.  She's the type of kid who feels like everything is hers even if she's never been somewhere before.  she doesn't feel the need to ask permission to go look around.  It was quite embarrassing for me, but it's really just who she is.  And hey!  Look who knew where to go when someone needed to use the bathroom.  

She disappeared inside for a bit, but Meta and my mother in law were inside, so I figured she couldn't get into too much trouble.  After a few minutes she came out with her cover up on and zipped up.  This is something I haven't been able to get her to do all summer.  She does not like wearing that thing and if she's forced to wear it there is no way you are making her zip it up!  So I was kind of surprised when I saw her.  I was out of the water and drying myself off and she came over to me and said in a whisper,

"I'm naked under here."  Then she looked at me with wide eyes.

"Wait. What?" I asked, not quite sure what she was saying.  

"Medz Mama put on my cover up, with nothing underneath it!  I don't have my bathing suit on, see!!"  Then she lifted her cover up to prove that she was, indeed, without her bathing suit and in her birthday one.  

"Okay, Lana," I said giggling at her.  "Put  your cover up down, I get it."  

"But I don't have anything on!!" She whisper shouted to me again.  

"It's okay, we're going straight home from here," I assured her.  "We'll get dressed there, okay?"

"Oookaayy..." she said still unsure.

We left Grandpa's not to long after that, but not before she told her sisters and her father about being naked under her cover up.  She was a little obsessed with it.  

When we pulled into the driveway at home, I had completely forgotten about it, but she hadn't.  As the door to the van opened she said, 

"Okay. I have to be REAL careful getting out."

"Why?"  I asked.

Then I remembered why she was concerened, but too late, she told me again.

"Because I'm naked under here!  I don't want anyone to see!" 

"Oh right," I said.  "It's fine, Lana, nobody will see, I promise." Then I carefully helped her out of the carseat, making sure to keep her private parts still private.  Then she ran into the house and immediately found something to wear.

Well, at least I don't have to worry when she's older about her pulling a Brittany Spears, or Mylie Cyrus, or any one of those crazy celebs who has been caught by a camera or two sans underwear.  Actually, on second thought, Lana will probably just announce it to everyone instead.

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