Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snap It Out

For the past couple of weeks the girls have been yelling this phrase at each other:

"Snap it out!"

I don't know where they got it or why they started saying, or even what they meant by it.  So one day at breakfast, after listing to all three of them yell "Snap it out!"while trying to snap at each other, I inquired about it.

"Where did you guys get that?"

"I don't know," Sonya said shrugging her shoulders.

"Well, what does it mean? Why are you saying it?" I asked.

"It just means snap it out," Sonya told me.

Oh well, thanks for clearing that up.

"But why are you saying it?" I tried again.

Sonya thought a minute and said, "It means when you want someone to stop doing something."

"Oooohhhh!!" I said, realizing what they meant.  "I think you mean 'snap out of it'."  Somewhere along the way, I'm sure they've heard the phrase.  I may have even said it myself a time or two, they just transposed the words. 

Then Sonya sighed, rolled her eyes at me and said, "NO mom!  It's 'snap it out'!"

Oh I'm sorry.  I didn't realize in her seven years she gained more wisdom and knowledge than I have in almost 38.  I guess I should just "snap it out".  

1 comment:

Hollyhome said...

I took it for a new relaxation technique they were teaching...like walk it out or talk it out...maybe just SNAP IT OUT!

What do I know...??? lol