Friday, January 6, 2012

Yakety Yak-Don't Talk Back

Last night I was trying to get Lana to eat her dinner, as usual.  We were even having something she usually likes.  I swear I think I could serve warm chocolate chip cookies for dinner and that child wouldn't eat them.  Lana just does not do dinner.  She finished her milk and asked for more.  I told her she was not getting more until she ate her dinner, because that's the other problem.  She would drink her calories for dinner if I let her.  (Insert like mother like daughter joke here.)  Anyway-after I told her she wasn't getting anymore milk until she ate, the whining started.  

"Mooommmmmyyy!!   I waaaannnt moorrrree MILK!!"

"Lana," I said through my gritted teeth, "do not even start with me."

She immediately retorted back, "I wouldn't start with you if you would just give me more MILK!"

Sometime in the fifteen seconds it took me to decide whether I was going to laugh at her or smack her, I regained my composure then calmly and firmly said,

"You do not talk to Mommy that way, Lana.  Eat your dinner or no more milk."

"Fine!" she agreed and proceeded to take a bite of her food.  She, of course, she did not finish her dinner.  Not even close.  So she did not get anymore milk.  I WIN!  

Well, sort of since she still didn't eat.  

If this is the back talk I'm getting at four, I can't even imagine what it's going to be like at fourteen.  Actually, I can and I don't want to.  


Christy Marshall said...

Oh totally win.

cran said...

That girl definitely spices up your days, right? I think she's hilarious!

sunshine said...

HA! Your second dd reminds me so much of my second dd. I love it!

(but my second dd is almost 12 and we still have issues with dinner. Sorry LOL)

Tim Taylor said...

Just wait till she's 38....

Kristi said...

Thanks so much Dad, but I'm still 37 you know.