Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twenty Questions

Happy New Year Friends!!  I hope you all had as great a break as we did.  Andy was off last week, so we got to spend some quality family time, and I got to go workout in the middle of the day!  It was awesome.  But now the decorations are all away and here we are back to the daily grind.  I was kind of ready for it anyway.  Sonya DEFINITELY was.  The school routine is essential  in her life.  Because we were trying to do things with the kids, I took some time off from writing and I hope you all took time off from what you normally do as well, to hang out with your family or just relax.  After the madness that happens BEFORE Christmas that is.  I did have a little story of something that happened well before Christmas that I just never got around to writing about.

Sonya is at an age where she likes to ask a thousand questions or maybe it's just her personality.  Perhaps a little of both.  Sometimes I don't have answers to all her questions and other times the questions just start to get a tad annoying.  Like the day we had this conversation before we took a shower;

Sonya- "I don't want to turn the fan on today when we take a shower."

Me-"Well, we have to."

Sonya- "Why?  Why does the fan HAVE to be on?"

Me- "Because it helps to get the steam out of the bathroom caused by the shower."

Sonya- "But why?  Is the steam bad?"

Me- "Ummm...It's not bad. We just don't want it to be steamy in there for so long and the fan helps that."

Sonya- "But what will happen if there is steam?  Is it bad for the bathroom?"

Me- Starting to get annoyed and just wanting to take a shower, "It's not really bad, but it's just better to not have it build up so much in there."

Sonya- "But what will happen if it does?  Will something bad happen?  Why do you not want the steam?"

Me- "YES!  YES Sonya!  Something bad will happen!  The bathroom will fall apart and we will all die if we don't get rid of the steam!!"

Okay, perhaps I went overboard, but I was all done with the conversation and she would just not LET IT GO!  These kind of conversations have become somewhat of a daily occurrence.  I like the fact that she's curious and she asks questions, but sometimes... SERIOUSLY?

Then a couple of weeks ago we were all sitting around having dinner, and she asked Andy and I a question about something I can't even recall right now.  There are always so many of them.  After answering her, she said,

"Yeah, that's what I thought."  She says that quite often after having a question answered, mind you.  Then ten seconds later she said to Andy and I,

"I know all the answers, but sometimes I just like to ask the questions."

Awesome, Sonya.  Nothing like finding out a way to irritate your parents at a young age!


Christi speights said...

Yes I totally understand about All questions. My son who is 9 is like that and he is ver black or white. Or rather literal.we are longer aloud to say black and white because he isnt black and not really white either more apricot. Yes these Are the conversations I have. And I believe he is getting more literal as time goes on. My father in law ( who is currently living with us ( diabetes and dementia). Is is very black or white and so is his son, my brother in law. My plan is to break my son of it not sure how.
I'm glad you had a nice holiday but am so glad you are back.

Tim Taylor said...

Young , old, what's the difference? Children, at every age, can always irritate their parents. Get used to it Kris, it will always be the case.