Thursday, August 25, 2011

Proving She May Become A Doctor, Midwife, or Doula

A few months back the little girls' gymnastics teacher, Teacher Danielle, had to stop teaching gymnastics.  She had found out she was pregnant with her second babies.  Yes, babies.  She was having twins, which came as a complete shock to everyone, especially her, because unlike most twins born these days, hers were not due to fertility drugs.  No, she got twins the old fashion way!  Purely by chance. The first thing the Doctor told her to do was stop teaching gymnastics.  My girls were disappointed when they were assigned new teachers, because they have been taking gymnastics from Danielle since they were babies.  When I told them the reason for it, they were excited at the prospect of not one but two babies.  Of course they wanted to see them right now, so we had to have that conversation.  They kinda got it after a while, when Danielle's belly started to take on a life of it's own.  

Every week we would see her at gymnastics, sitting behind the desk, bigger than the week before.  The girls would question when they were going to get to see the babies. Could we see them now?  Were they going to be out soon?  When would they be out so they could see them?  I kept telling them, not for a while. 

I felt bad for poor Danielle.  She looked so uncomfortable.  She was past that point every woman gets to those last couple weeks of their pregnancy.  The point where you feel like if you sit down, you might not be able to get up again.  Where you feel like you are waddling around, rather than walking.  She was about five times that, and she wasn't due for another two months.  I couldn't imagine carrying that much baby around in my belly at one time.  

The babies weren't due until the end of September, but as with most twins, they came a little early.  Last Monday when I took Sony to gymnastics Teacher Danielle wasn't there, but the other instructors informed me that she was still pregnant, just had to stop working altogether.  By the time I went in on Friday morning, however, Teacher Alex(Sonya's teacher since she was 2) told me she had them that Tuesday.  She had delivered two little girls via C-Section  and they were healthy at about four pounds (!) each and doing well.  I was so happy for her, and couldn't wait until the girls were done with their lesson for the day so I could give them the good news.  

Lana was the first to finish and come over to me.  

"Guess what Lana!?" I said excitedly to her.

"What?" She asked, mimicking my excitement.

"Teacher Danielle had her babies!" 

Her face fell, she furrowed her brow, frowned, looked up at me and said, 

"AWWWWWW!!!!  I wanted to see them come OUT!"

Ummm...Yes...well.  Sorry about that Lana.  Maybe next time.

Congratulations to Teacher Danielle on her TWO new bundles of joy.  Get ready for everyone to make this statement to you:

"Oh my!  You have YOUR hands full!"  

It will get annoying by the fourth time you hear it.  Good luck!  

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The Ramsay's said...

love the last piece of advice you give her.. and yes danielle, as a mother of twins as well, It will get annoying after the 4th time but people wil STILL say it, over and over again!