Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away, I Have To Go To School Today

Over the weekend I was filling out paperwork for Sonya to go back to school.  I was also reading some of the handbook and other  information that came with everything I had to fill out.  While I was reading through it I came across this little tidbit of information.

Did you all know THIS!?  They are supposed to go to school on RAINY DAYS?! 

OK.  Look.  Here's the thing.  I know we live in "sunny" Southern California, and no we don't get a lot of rain, but we do have a season where it does gets rainy here.  It's also known as our winter.  I grew up mostly on the East Coast and not once would I have ever thought I wasn't going to school because of a few raindrops.  Unless, they turned into freezing raindrops or came with high winds, and had a name to them, like Irene or Andrew.  No, I had many a rainy school day and it was just a school day.  We might not have had recess, but we still had to go to class. 

I guess what bothers me most about this little of blurb of information, is that they felt they HAD to inform parents about this policy.  Which means at some point in time, there were parents who thought their kids didn't have school because it was RAINING.  Come on parents!  Can you at least pretend that you're smarter than your first grader.  I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised though.  We are talking about a part of the country where, when it does rain more than an inch, the news people start talking about "Storm Watch 20__(fill in the year here)."  I'm not kidding.  They do this for a simple rain storm.  

Sometimes I do miss the slightly less crazy people on the east coast.  

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